PlayStation Vita: A Closer Look At Near

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Sony's PlayStation Vita comes with a handful of apps to enjoy, chief among them Near, social networking software that uses GPS technology to display fellow Vita owners within a radius of roughly four to five miles. From there, you can rate games, connect with friends and pick-up/leave gifts for others to find.

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SoulMisaki2434d ago

I just got my Vita yesterday, and there's already 21 people with Vitas within a 10km radius of me - I can then find close players and add them as friends to play against them.

Way better than street pass, it's even cooler that it works while on standby and on Wi-Fi only models too.

Nakiro2434d ago

Can you change the range that Vita scans? I only see up to 2km.

Also does anyone know if you can disable a private zone once you've set it?