Mass Effect 3 and the Power of a Good Song (and Clint Mansell)

For Mass Effect 3, Bioware brought on Golden Globe winning composer Clint Mansell, famous for films like Moon, Black Swan, and The Wrestler. However, Mansell is BEST known for the amazing score to Requiem for a Dream. Not that the scores for Mass Effect 1 and 2 were bad, far from it. But for a finale on the scale of Mass Effect 3, you need someone epic, and Clint Mansell has proved over and over again that epic is his middle name. Clint Epic Mansell.

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Jayonhavok2462d ago

Clint Mansell is amazing.

mistajeff2462d ago

so true. i'm glad he's getting recognition among all the hype.

morgle2462d ago

I agree I love the score to Moon! That part on the Mass Effect 3 demo gave me goosebumps. Well presented scene from Bioware complimented by an amazing score!

(And just think IGN written an article the other week - wanting to boycott cutscenes?)

STONEY42462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

His music for all the Darren Aronofsky films are amazing. I mean, this guy created the Requiem for a Dream song that's used in a million fan trailers. The Fountain theme is my favorite.

I really don't miss Jack Wall at all. ME1 had the problem of having songs repeated way to much. ME2 had a bunch of unique songs, but it lost the synth stuff and felt like a more generic soundtrack apart from a few missions (Samara Gunship battle = best song in the game).

Loved what I heard in the demo. Like the Blade Runner-esque character creation music, and the song that plays on Sur'kesh.

mistajeff2462d ago

i didn't realize the fountain was an aronofsky/mansell film. suddenly that movie just shot from "not interested" to "must see" on my list.

gillri2462d ago

you didnt know? I love that film, mansells best work so far

mistajeff2462d ago

i may have heard it was aronofsky at some point, but i definitely didn't know mansell scored it. and since you say it's his best work so far, i'm most definitely checking it out. hopefully it's on netflix

gillri2462d ago

well its a love or hate film, I liked it alot but there no denying the score is amazing