HTC to Team Up with PlayStation, PlayStation Games on HTC Devices Later This Year

It is being reported that HTC has now become the first third party company to acquire PlayStation certification for their mobile devices. This could mean that HTC devices - smartphones and tablets - will have the ability to play PlayStation certified games.

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GraveLord3059d ago

Yup. Right now PS1 games and minis, eventually PSP games.

It'll be interesting to see if the smaller Vita games make it to PS certified phones eventually. It should would be a huge advantage if PS certified games could play Vita games. How would Nintendo compete with that?

gillri3059d ago

I have a HTC phone, I love it

Tripl3seis3059d ago

this is awesome HTC phones are great i have the amaze!!

BattleAxe3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

I've been waiting to try PlayStation Suite on my HTC Desire. It has a bigger screen than the iPhone 4.......just thought I'd rub that in to the Apple lovers out there :P

saint_seya3058d ago

Ouch.. No love for samsung eh!? Mi galaxy note could be great for psp games