Razer Announces Mass Effect 3 Accessories

Luke writes:

"Instead of telling you, I am going to show you but be warned you may need a ventilator to stablise your breathing. You can buy Mass Effect 3 then take it home in your Mass Effect bag. Imagine the satisfaction of killing a husk or taking down a Reaper knowing it was done with N7 stamped controller, mouse mat or keyboard. Or what about boasting about your kill online with a Mass Effect headset. This is awesome stuff which is worth the money."

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cloud4952436d ago

These accessories are awesome but I wish they would make some Ps3 accessories as well.

H2OAcidic2436d ago

I agree with you Cloud. I see so many users state they'd like PS3 items but they never seem to provide.

fluffydelusions2436d ago

Funny thing is ME3 doesn't support gamepads but razer is selling one lol

Waddy1012436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

...It's an Xbox 360 controller for use with the Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 3, or any Xbox 360 game. XD

grahf2436d ago

TECHNICALLY on the web site it says "Xbox 360® / PC Gaming Controller", which it can be used for, just not for ME3.

grahf2436d ago

Oh Razer, your products are so over the top sometimes... Like the poor Razer Blade. While I appreciate it for WHAT it is, only a nutter would pay that pricetag. I do own a Naga mouse and love it, but jumping on the ME3 bandwagon is just...

*looks at 360 controller*


IM_KINECTED2436d ago

Those are pretty slick, Mass Effect is in full effect!

Waddy1012436d ago

That Xbox 360 controller looks really nice, i'm probably going to consider getting it at some point. The Razer onza's are far better than the stock 360 controller.

rattletop2436d ago

Arrrggghhhhhhhhh!!! i just got a vespula 2 days ago!why wasn't this announced sooner?

H2OAcidic2436d ago

LOL! Yea, I hate at anytime when you go out buy a few new things then out of no where an announcement like this shows up.

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