“No plans” to bring PS2, PS3 games to Vita – Sony

TVGB: With the release of PS2 Classics onto the PlayStation Store recently there has speculation that Sony could end up making these downloads compatible with the PS Vita, just like PlayStation minis and (eventually) PSOne Classics.

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Nitrowolf23071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I kind of figured. I think the tech demo they showed at E3 with all the PS3 games was just to show how easy it was to make ports, meaning that developers can make games for PS3 and easily port it over to Vita.

This article meaning like already existing PS3 titles.

and now we await the PSvita is doomed article because of no PS2/PS3 game support

deep_fried_bum_cake3071d ago

But it is doomed. DOOOOMED'll think of something eventually.

I'm not sure that it matters too much that these won't make it over as if the games that come out for the Vita are as strong as the ones in the launch line up then there will be enough to keep Vita owners occupied without pining to play PS2/3 games on it.

MaxXAttaxX3071d ago

We'll see PS2 games on the Vita in the form of Final Fantasy X HD and in Collections like Metal Gear Solid HD.

And for PS3 games, there's Remote Play and multiplatform games.

BattleAxe3071d ago

I really don't see why Sony wouldn't want to bring old PS2 and PS3 games to the PS Vita. The way I see it, the more games made available for Vita users, the more money Sony will make. Its a stupid decision in my opinion. If developer support ever does drop off for whatever reason, you can be sure that Sony will change their tune.

blumatt3071d ago

The good thing is that Sony has confirmed that if you buy a game that has the Cross Play feature you can download it for free on the PS3 or Vita (whichever one you don't have) if you buy it on the other one. That's amazing news for us.

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Either way, I hope they change their minds about bringing PS2 Classics to the Vita. I for one would love to play a lot of PS2 games on the Vita.

snipes1013071d ago

The way I see it, this seems like a missed opportunity. The point of a handheld, to me, is the convenience of it. You can bring a library of games with you on the go. It would be nice to have the option to mix it up from time to time as none of the Vita launch titles necessarily have to depth of some of the PS2 classics. In time I'm sure it will, but not at this moment, and it would be nice to have something to hold me over.

ABizzel13071d ago

The PS2 games are a huge missed opportunity. I understand it'll be hard to do thanks to game size and Vita Memory being so small, but it's something that should be here come E3.

It's just more of a reason to buy a Vita. You may not sell as many Vita games, but you'll still be selling games (PS2) if you have PS2 games playable on Vita.

That was the whole purpose of PlayStation Suites to be able to play PlayStation 1, 2, PSP, Minis on a PlayStation Certified device, and the Vita is by all means capable of running the emulation.

kaveti66163070d ago

I applaud your ability to come up with funny usernames for your many accounts. Joined 2 days ago or rejoined 2 days ago?

deep_fried_bum_cake3070d ago


Rejoined 2/3 days ago. I rage quit just over a month ago. I can't say I'm a fan of my current username though as I keep forgetting it when I'm typing it out and it takes too long to type as well. Should've given it more thought.

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Thatguy-3103071d ago

I mean it would have been cool to play at least some ps2 classics. I think sooner or later they will bring some out.

NukaCola3071d ago

The emulated PS2 Classics will come eventually.

For now titles like God of War, MGS Collection and soon Final Fantasy HD will all be Vita compatible. Id like to think people are buying the Vita to play Vita games, but of course it's a failure to this generations' idiotic media if it doesn't play games from 1995.

Veneno3070d ago

I never owned a PSOne so I've been catching up on the classics on my PSP. Handheld is the perfect way to play past games because when I'm home I want to play current games. This news bums me out cause I was waiting to buy God Hand and all the other classics on Vita :(

NatureOfLogic3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

For $300 I'd expect to get the best from my device day 1, but I guess only some gamers think like that. If the vita can play PS2/PS3 games, I'd expect it to do just that day 1. The reason I'm not a fan of early adapting. Once they "do have plans" to get the best out of the vita, I'll purchase one.

SilentNegotiator3071d ago

Very well, my liege. But not everyone would describe "the best" as developers spending time on preparing old games when a brand new device could use new ones.

WitWolfy3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )


Thats beside the point, people want the device to come out with as much features as POSSIBLE. You cant tell me it wouldn't be attractive if you could play ANY PS3 game remotely, not just a hand full( http://playstationlifestyle... or to play that old classic PS2 game on the go.

To me the PSV is just losing more appeal by the second seeing it doesn't do all the thing I'd hope it would when it was first revealed. I mean seriously the hand held has the technology... USE it!

sikbeta3071d ago

What a missed opportunity...

mechlord3071d ago

What missed opportunity?

I know Atlus is bringing persona 4 to the vita and that Square is bringing ffx which are ps2 titles so...

Of course sony wouldnt allow ps2 bc on vita, after all those hd remixes we bought? i mean cmon

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Ghost2503071d ago

if i wanna play ps2 games ill play my ps2, if wanna play ps3 games ill play my ps3. i play the vita to play vita games not the latter.

ChickeyCantor3070d ago


This isn't just about you.

A good day to you.

Ghost2503070d ago

i didnt say it was all about me, buy yet all of you are making about you. id rather have new games than games ive already played. if you wanna play ps2 games buy a ps2 simple.

Ravenor3070d ago

Yeah man, I can totally bring my PS2 with me on my way to work. /s

ChickeyCantor3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Neither is it our problem that you are fine without it.

The point here is that some do want these options. When the Vita does have any of these features; how will it affect you?

"if you wanna play ps2 games buy a ps2 simple."
You speak as if it will ruin your gaming experience. As if it shouldn't be there.
Do not pretend you have some privilege over this. You're acting like a complete bigot.

In fact your comment is redundant. I shouldn't have bothered.

Knight_Cid3071d ago

Thats a smart move.

Why do that when you can focus on new games or enhanced ports and remakes?

SandwichHammock3071d ago

Some of us like to mix it up. Currently I just started Farcry 2 because it was free on PS+ after burning myself out on DA:Origins, all while knocking away on Chrono Cross on my PSP.

Don't mean to be a douche, and you're not saying this to this degree, but this argument of classics not having a place in today's gamer's lives is unfounded. I don't game on 3DS, but I sure hope its fans have access to SNES games.


Knight_Cid3071d ago

the only douche I see is you especially when you put words in my mouth

Biggest3071d ago

He's correct. No where in his post did you (SandwichHammock or anyone else) see anything about "this argument of classics not having a place in today's gamer's lives is unfounded. I don't game on 3DS, but I sure hope its fans have access to SNES games". You said "and you're not saying this to this degree", but he didn't say anything remotely similar. You put words in his mouth.

Mixing up the games is fine. Like you, I play PS1/2/3 games on a regular basis. That doesn't mean that there is something wrong with the Vita for not focusing on PS2/3 games. I didn't hear complaints about the 3DS's lack of SNES classics. It's not a big deal. There are many ways to play the games you want to play. Every single facet of Sony gaming doesn't have to be the same. You can play PS1/2/3 on the PS3. You can play PS1/2 on the PS2. You can play PS1/2 on the PSP. Enjoy!

BubloZX3070d ago

GBA games on the 3ds need to happen as well

SandwichHammock3071d ago

I'm being very vocal about the PSOne classics (I know its coming) being patched ASAP and am very surprised this feature appears not to be ready for launch. As for the PS2 games, I really would like to see it, but from a technical standpoint when it comes to emulating the PS2 hardware...maybe that is the problem. PS3 games: there is remote play, and Sony should really get their shit together on this, as its an outstanding feature, and as seen with the CFW videos, possible without developers needing to "put" it into their games.

Wallet it ready come next week.

coryok3071d ago

the only reason that i might not get vita right away is because theres no ps1 compatibility, i want to play my other games also, and am seriously considering putting the vita off for a while and picking up a psp while i wait. i have lots of ps1 classics, but since i dont have a psp anymore i havnt played them.

i want to get uncharted for vita, but the rest of the games i can wait for so really, all i would want it for is uncharted and ps1/psp games, but if theyre not going to give me those, why should i get one?

definitely hope ps1 classics get compatibility soon

blumatt3071d ago

Why waste money on getting a PSP? lol Just get a Vita, and wait for the PS1 Classics compatibility patch. I'm sure it's not far off.

Ravenor3070d ago

Blumatt, I can buy another PS3 and a game or two with the cost of the Vita. A PSP can be had for a tiny amount compared to the Vita.

AngelicIceDiamond3071d ago

Yeah I could see retro not being supported for the Vita, it was inevitable if you think about it, the way they've shifted from backwards compatibility to remakes. Sony wants to focus on the new rather than the old with the Vita.