PS Vita: US PSN Updates Vita Lineup

GameBandits: "The Western launch date of Sony’s latest portable gaming device, the PlayStation Vita, is nearing. The device should be out this coming February 22, 2012."

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brodychet2436d ago

Cool. Not into the Vita Uncharted. But I do want Rayman Origins!

moparful992435d ago

sweet.. kind of cool because i am typing this from my vita right now... i am in love with my vita and unlike my psp i see myself buying lots of games and content for my vita.. i also hope that sony has ps+ support for the vita... def worth a purchase though....

teedogg802435d ago

Yeah the Vita is the most awesome device I have ever owned in my life.

GribbleGrunger2435d ago

ok guys. stop rubbing it in!!!!!! damn it!!

moparful992435d ago

What games do you own? I broke myself buying my first edition vita so the only games I have is little deviants and my digital copy of Chains of Olympus.. I badly want some more games, I played the demo for asphalt injection and uncharted.. Might get wipeout and rayman...

teedogg802435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I got Uncharted and Wipeout.

sent from my Vita ;)

teedogg802435d ago

@GribbleGrunger So sorry man. But it's the truth. I will speak of the Vita no more lol.