Obligatory: Mass Effect 3 Ex Machina, Michael Bay, a demo

Nightmare Mode airs its grievances about the Mass Effect 3 demo, and are prepared to eat all of these words when the game is brilliant. Major Kirrahe has some very important bro-fists to hand out, as well.

"Here’s the thing: both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 felt like they were games designed for specific audiences. Sci-fi RPG fans loved Mass Effect because it was complicated, crunchy, and had enough Star Trek epicness to be one of the greatest RPGs ever. Mass Effect 2 flipped the script and alienated a lot of fans, sure, but it was trying, unrepentantly, to be guns and conversation. It wasn’t trying to be an RPG except in conversation.

"Mass Effect 3 is trying to be both games. It’s trying to make love to the world, and (to lean on an old standby) it feels like it has syphilis."

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