Final Fantasy XIII-2: Sazh: Heads or Tails? DLC Priced & Dated for Europe

Square Enix Ltd. today confirmed the price and release date of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 downloadable episode called ‘Sazh: Heads or Tails?’ in PAL territories. What’s more, additional outfits for both Noel and Serah will also be made available.

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Da One2487d ago

This is why i steered clear of FFXIII-2...Milking at it's finest.

I hope it's atleast good for those planning on a purchase.

maddfoxx2487d ago

How is this any different than the DLC available for other JRPGs? I admit I dont like the fact that they kept the contact out of the original release, but at least they're not charging as much as other Japanese companies.

iamtehpwn2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

The game is filling with everything on the disc. DLC for this game isn't really needed, There should be enough content on the disc to keep you satisfied. I really don't plan on buying any of the DLC's unless they do something really interesting in the future

Wintersun6162487d ago

The game is pretty good, and you can enjoy it without the DLC. No need to steer away from a game because of DLC, just steer away from the DLC

Tanir2486d ago

@ Da One

yet its cool for Dragon age to have 60$ of dlc the day it launches right? or for Gears to sell over 100$ in stupid weapon skins?

or COD sell u 5 maps u already played for 15 bucks?

yet when a japanese game offers you a new quest or some new costumes its a sin right? ur such a hypocrite

Da One2486d ago

"yet when a japanese game offers you a new quest or some new costumes its a sin right? ur such a hypocrite"

First I think your dumbass should look up the definition of a hypocrite.

I never, ever mentioned Gears, Dragon Age, or Call of why the **** did you. I don't support DA, CoD, or Gears DLC, so you look stupid as hell.

Look at my avatar...what game do you think that's from? I'll give you a hint..FFT.

Mykky2483d ago

You steered out of a game because it released more content for those who liked the game and want more? You don't have to buy it you know.
FF XIII-2 is already full of content so I think you should consider buying it one more time.

Nearly everyone does milking, but I agree that the costume DLC is stupid. The costumes should be offered free as fan-service. Releasing the boss battles, costumes and the story DLC in one full package would be better also.

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rextraordinaire2486d ago

I hope they make Sazh a human-type character, unlike lightning.

I got way too much unused Crystogen Points, and both Serah and Noel are maxed... Makes battling feel useless...

Mykky2483d ago

I Agree, that would be great! It seems like a possibility though as you can walk around being him in the new DLC.