6.0 - Twisted Metal Review writes: "Hands up who remembers playing Twisted Metal on the original PlayStation? It was undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable experiences available for a machine that managed to spawn more than a handful of top class franchises, and yet for some reason, despite continued success when it hit the PS2, it has taken until now, a whopping six years into the PlayStation 3’s life cycle for Twisted Metal to rear its disturbingly ugly head once more."

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TheLastGuardian3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

Wow, it's only 5 years and 3 months into the PS3's lifecycle, not 6. I'm not clicking that link. Who does this no name website think they are giving Twisted Metal a 6? This game deserves a much higher score. It's only the greatest game of this gen and the greatest multiplayer game of all time.

ClydeRadcliffe3059d ago

5 years 3 months makes it the PS3's 6th year. The game isn't bad, but it's nothing close to the greatest game of this generation - the notion is laughable. Is that you David?