We Get It, Ninja Gaiden II Is Very Messy

Kotaku writes:

"Deary me. Would you look at all that crimson. I really don't want to keep posting Ninja Gaiden II screenshots just to talk about the blood, but really, Itagaki, you leave me no choice."

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osirisomeomi4734d ago

The National Enquirer of the games industry.

Kareshi_X4734d ago

The Title of The Post Can Be Mistaken On THis One! As For The Pics Hell They Rock

MK_Red4734d ago

What's wrong with being messy and gory? I love NG but blood and gore alone were enough to get NG2 to my top 3 most anticipated games of 2008. A perfect control and gameplay combined with real blood and gore is the best combination of fun for me.
So I get that Kotaku really doesn't get NG2 by their title and description. The blood and gore combined by NG's super sharp controls and fast pace makes thing way more personal and envolving without relying on story elements.

xbox Forever4734d ago

Ninja Gaiden

the game god of war wishes it could be. Ninja Gaiden and gears of war best games of 2008.

and with games like

banjo 3
splinter cell 5
lost odyssey
alan wake
too human
fable 2
halo wars
perfect dark 2

Plus more exclusives that Microsoft will announced in January 2008. 360 owns 2008 HANDS DOWN, all the Delayedstation has is a bunch of sequels to crappy games

MGS 4 = lol
GT 5 = forza ripoff
FF = never been a good one since 7
KZ2 = KZ1 (need I say more)

XBOX Owns 2008

MK_Red4734d ago

Now this is what I call a stupid fanboyish comment. GT5 rip off of Forza? Did you know that GT is a much older series? It's like saying Half Life is rip of Halo.

DEADEND4734d ago

What the hell is wrong with you, you need to get your head out your ass. There are twice as many AAA titles on the PS3 for 2008 then there are for the 360. And since when was GT5 a forza ripoff, last time I checked it was the other way around since GT has been around since PS1. It seems to me your just just some stupid 360 fanboy who is 12 years old that thinks he knows everything about games, well I hate to break it to ya you know nothing.

Kleptic4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

once again everyone...

use condoms...

your children could end up like this retard...

darkside4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

you know, when your a newbie when retards like xbox Forever don't know $hit!!! lol

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djtek1844733d ago

The game looks the same. The only difference is more blood.