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A little over 16 years ago gamers across the world were introduced to Twisted Metal, and in that process also ti the car combat genre. In those sixteen years the minds and hands behind the series have changed from one generation to the next, before landing back under the auspices of David Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play. In many ways this is a sequel that needed to happen, but at the cost of several key features that made the franchise originally stand out from the pack. The primary change that many fans of earlier entries will notice is the lack of characters to choose from, and ultimately this leads to a poor single player outing overall, but when Twisted Metal is firing on all cylinders it finds its mark and drags you into the finely tuned insanity that defines the series as the father of car combat.

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IM_KINECTED2440d ago

Another solid review, this was definitely worth the wait. Any fans of previous Twisted Metal games are in for a treat!

ExPresident2440d ago

Glad I made the purchase. Game is great.

_Aarix_2440d ago

Fell in love with the 3rd back in the day. I found the disc and got it refurbished just to play it on my ps3

MysticStrummer2440d ago

I enjoyed the first two TM games and also TM Black, but I wasn't really excited about another one. Then I got bored and picked the new one yesterday. I'm so glad I did. Much fun.

Entropic2440d ago

Twisted Metal Black was definitely one of my fave PS2 games, especially since it was an innovator in the PS2 online "movement." I also gave it lots of props for featuring the Rolling Stones song at the beginning.

Looking forward to checking this out.