Your First Playstation Game | VGW's #Hashtag Roundup

VGW: The “soft” release of the PS Vita launched yesterday in the form of the First Edition bundle, and after spending dozens of hours with Sony’s new handheld, our nostalgia strings started getting pulled. With that, it was time for another #Hashtag Roundup, where we reach out to our Twitter community to get their thoughts on a particular topic. We wanted to know what your first Playstation game was. Many of your answers contained fond memories of iconic PSOne games, while some were way out in left field!

Here are some of our favorite replies.

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killyourfm3067d ago

Playing Wipeout 2048 on Vita jogged my memory: My 1st was the original on PSOne! (it hasn't aged well, but my god those graphics were the shit back in the day)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3067d ago

Who wants to be a millionaire

Go on..... laugh -_-

Mikhail3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I bought Xenogears and FF7 at the same time. From there, I learn complex story at a young age. especially xenogears.

killyourfm3067d ago

How did you decide which one to play at any given time??? Both were incredible.

Mikhail3067d ago

Finish FF7 first since I was spoiled by the aerith death. I thought the revival rumor was true. Xenogears has more impact to me..change my perpsective in life..