Amazing Lost Odyssey Intro Footage!

Watch. this. right. now.

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Marcello5854d ago

This does look very nice indeed but just looks like another 99 nights type of game, not very popular in the west and 99 nights was extremely buggy because of all the intense action on screen at once, but of course we will have to see about this game, intro animation kinda reminded me of the intro to Onimusha 3 which to this day is still the most realistic animation i have seen might be a while till its beat, oh and wat was with the curtain ring helmets kinda silly !!!!

beans5854d ago

That looked really good and nothing like 99 nights unless your just talking about the amount of enemies on screen at once! Can't wait to download the demo and check it out myself!

NitrogenB5854d ago

this CGI looks pretty good, let's just hope they can keep the consistency of the cutscene graphics in the real game...if they can...this looks to be a great game

TheMART5854d ago

Some game journalists already said it was hard to see the part where CG footage went over in realtime ingame stuff...

So I bet they are able to integrate it very, very nice