NVIDIA 3-Way SLI Performance Review Tests the performance of the Nvidia 3-Way SLI using current top of the line parts.

"Since this performance preview is targeted to PC Gamers, to start things off we might as well play a game. Riddle us this... What would be the antithesis of a product like a thin and light Notebook PC that is energy efficient, eco-friendly, and performance-per-watt tuned for those of you on the go? Some of you may hazard a guess that it would be a high performance Desktop Replacement notebook machine or perhaps a Workstation computer of some sort. Those might be good answers but we'd beg to differ.

The real answer would be the sort of setup you see here..."

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SafeRat4730d ago

That's gota cost an arm n' a leg!

ublender4730d ago

Wow, I find it hilarious that the load balancing between the 3 cards actually LOWERS the performance on the lower graphics settings.

Gondee4730d ago

The one legged gamer that bought those wont be doing that thought. =)

AuburnTiger4730d ago

I think I’ll wait until I can put 15 graphic cards in 1 case

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