Do Nintendo rely too much on franchises?

Casually Hardcore takes a look at Nintendos releases and finds out that Mario has appeared in over 170 video games. With no new characters since 2001's Pikmin are Nintendo relying on their franchises too much?

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Knight_Cid2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Nintendo has had 150 new ips, since 2000

and this is a hypocrite article

microsoft doesnt rely on halo? sony with uncharted



xenoblade isnt new for nintendo?

CasuallyHardcore2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Its not hypocritical because whilst the other companies are probably just as bad they have released new characters. Microsoft (or projects they exclusively published) have created a whole bunch from Viva Pinata to Alan Wake, the same with Sony with Modnation Racers and Uncharted etc.

Whilst Nintendo may have new IPs you'd be hard pushed to name one brand new major character Nintendo have created since Pikmin. We certainly can't think of one.

I wouldn't call the cast of Xenoblade major characters, not in the same way as Mario or Zelda etc. At least not yet.

Knight_Cid2438d ago

it is hypocritical.

Microsoft hasnt created as many new ips in the last 10 years as nintendo. Peiod. Same with sony

And guess whose sold the most hardware and software in the ;last 10 years.........that would be nintendo.

Its funny you say to name major characters, and then youself name them but say they dont count for some insane reason


ronin4life2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Sakura samurai.

Wolfbiker2438d ago

I'm pretty sure the "mii" itself are the most recognizable characters this gen

user39039992438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

wow, such an angry person.

Most of Nintendo's new IP are crappy shovelware.
And new IP like the Conduit sold like crap.
Last I checked the conduit 2 sold a pathetic 200K. Their other so call hardcore title didn't sell well too.

AdvanceWarsSgt2438d ago

lol The Conduit isn't a Nintendo IP.

PopRocks3592438d ago

The Conduit is not Nintendo. Pikmin, Pushmo and Sakura Samurai are. And by the way, the second and third game I mentioned made the top of the eShop charts. Shovelware my ass.

Titanz2438d ago

People who believe Nintendo's only about Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon, needs a reality check.

GraveLord2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Actually Sony doesn't rely on Uncharted. They have many more IPs they release and market. God of War, LittleBigplanet, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Resistance...etc. I'm sure I missed about a dozen. Sony has a lot of NEW IP's this gen. How many good NEW IPs does Nintendo have? Leave out the Wii Fit and all that jazz. That's right, NONE. It's all casual garbage(IMO)

Do your research next time before lumping Sony right there with Microsoft. Sony actually cares about releasing a wide variety of AAA games. I can't say the same from Microsoft.

Elemental_2438d ago

its a shame none of sony's NEW ips, sell or move systems..........

xenoblade isnt new? dont comment if you dont know what your talking about

You telling someone to research is like a child telling someone to get a job.

rexbolt2438d ago

just to let uno unchared and sony games dont even sell that well o0 and lest be honest whos gona reeber drake in 20 years not me

LX-General-Kaos2438d ago

Why did you compare sony to microsoft in a nintendo discussion? How is sony doing when compared to nintendo?

Elemental_2437d ago

dont respond to me and then block me. Its childish. But you are a troll

-Uncharted - a good game, the last vita game is flopping.
-InFamous - generic, game doesnt sell well
-LittleBigPlanet - generic, game doesnt slel well
-Heavy Rain(sold extremely well for a niche game) - had nothing to do with sony.
-Modnation Racers(not quite at 1 mil but is getting there) - The series has officially been killed off because really it was generic
-Resistance(Insomniac made the games but Sony owns the IP) - The series has been killed off, The series has sold so bad and is so bad insomniac wants nothing to do with it

-The Last of Us - generic
-The Last Guardian - shovelware

11 disagrees huh, you are so off the chart suck

Hicken2437d ago

I could care less about what he said up there. I'm just gonna focus on YOUR ignorance.

Uncharted: great series, the Vita version has barely fucking come out. The Vita has barely fucking come out. Seriously.

inFamous: Generic how? Only games similar are Crackdown and Prototype, and it's leagues better than either. By the way, the inFamous series is averaging something like 2+ million a pop. Guess that's not selling well.

LittleBig Planet: See above. Then see a dictionary for the definition of "generic," which neither LBP title fits.

Heavy Rain: an exclusive, regardless, to the PS3. Guess the PS3 has nothing to do with Sony, though.

Modnation: actually sold the LEAST out of anything on this list; "canceled" to consolidate with LittleBig, with which it shares core concepts (massive levels of customization and creative freedom for the player; that, by the way, is exceedingly rare, and thus on the opposite end of the spectrum from "generic").

Resistance 3: Did better than the last game (or at least is slated to) and had to contend with longtime fans not being certain about how this title would fair after disliking the last one(think Xenosaga... though you probably haven't even played Jenseits). Killed off like Halo, right? Cuz the dev wanted to do something else, that means the franchise they've been working on is killed off.

The Last of Us: Based on Naughty Dog's pedigree (see what I did there?), stands a very good chance of being a great game.

The Last Guardian: See above, only with a different team.

You've got the nerve to call someone else a troll, and then spout bullshit like this? I'd block your ass, too. I mean, come on. I know ten year-olds who could see how ignorant this is.

Did he have any place bringing MS into the equation? None whatsoever. But that gives you ZERO license to essentially MAKE SHIT UP about a bunch of games you've apparently never played before.

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Acquiescence2438d ago

More than ever, they just rely on Mario's name to get them out of a rut. "3DS failing? Get Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D out there, on the double!" Nintendo can be experimental, but mostly within the confines of an already successful franchise, like say Skyward Sword's heavy emphasis on all things motion control. But if you don't care one jolt about Mario or Zelda or Metroid or Donkey Kong...then you're pretty much screwed. They need to create more IPs.

ronin4life2438d ago

The fact that they launched the 3ds without them in the first place says the opposite.
Sony wouldn't even do that with the vita.

AdvanceWarsSgt2438d ago

DKCR was the first console DK game in well over 10 years, and you already want them to axe it???

If anything, just like DK, Nintendo needs to revive long-forgotten franchises as they have a sh!tload up their arse.

TopDudeMan2438d ago

They need to come up with some new IPs, but I like their current classics. Their pokemons, their marios, their zeldas.

jokia0052438d ago

mario,mario,zelda and mario
finally mario

AtomicGerbil2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I would agree that they rely too much on Mario, which was ok when I was a pre-teen in the early 80s, but 201 titles featuring Mario since 1981 can get a little irritating.

Wolfbiker2438d ago

Although I agree that they rely on Mario a lot, I don't blame them. He still pumps $$$$ and the games are still top notch. I cant blame Nintendo that I grew up and out if their target audience ....I don't hate on the power rangers because they don't put out more mature series'.

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