Remedy on Alan Wake for PC: ‘This isn’t just a cash-in’

Remedy Entertainment’s critically acclaimed Alan Wake is finally set to receive its long awaited PC conversion. Launching later today on Steam and other digital distribution services, with a retail version following next month courtesy of Nordic Games, many have wondered why now, three years after initial release, the studio has decided it’s time for a conversion. According to Remedy however, Alan Wake has always been a PC videogame, just one that you couldn’t play.

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BattleAxe2436d ago

I was really surprised to see this on Steam when i got home from work today. I was also surprised to see that it doesn't even use GFWL.

mokopa2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

The article goes like bla bla we sold out to MS, bla bla dont need to port, bla bla bla grovel grovel. They made the deal with the devil (MS) which bombed and now they are cashing in on Steam. Why did they not release exclusively on steam digitally only originally.