Notch on Psychonauts 2 funding: “stop hyping over this, internet!”

VGArabia: Notch set the internet on fire after he offered to fund the development of Psychonauts 2 in a tweet to Double Fine boss Tim Schafer. But according to the man himself, it might not happen.

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Whitefox7892488d ago

It's hard not to hype it up it's been the only hope the series will get a sequel.

I mean hell just imagine if Notch sent a tweet to Yu Suzuki saying he would help fund Shenmue 3. That would be a giant forest fire of hype.

AhmadVGArabia2488d ago

yes, it's hard to not hype it up. Psychonauts is one of my favorites games of last gen. But we need to keep our expectations reasonable.