Future of Gerard Butler in Uncharted

As we all know, the critically acclaimed “Uncharted” video game is going to be adapted into a movie by Sony. The news had been announced some time ago alongside the director and producers but one thing that weren’t announced was the cast. The protagonist of the movie, Nathan Drake. The much-loved character’s movie counterpart was not announced.

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BugsBunny3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Get Nolan North, alongside Emily and Richard to play their parts and for marketing make the villains Roman and Navaro played by big stars, hell you could though in some cameos aswell.

Problem Solved.

"But there are a lot of good actors out there who even look like Nathan Drake and who could do it"

This is what I don't get about Neil Burger, first of all, he must know that Nolan is also an actor and's not really about who looks like him but also who can pull of his charm.

TronEOL3060d ago

I always thought that if they NEEDED someone with star power to be in the movie in order to drag non-Uncharted fans over to watch, Gerard Butler would be perfect.

If you watch how he acts in some of the more comedic roles he's played, he could pull off Nathan Drake's wit perfectly. I think he's the only one (besides Nolan North himself) that could be Nathan Drake if there ever were a movie.

ReservoirDog3163060d ago

Nolan North doesn't look like he's athletic enough to do the stunts that it'd require. I can guarantee you that your idea would never happen.

A movie this big would need a very big star for the main character and that'll never be Nolan North no matter how much we all love him.

Bradly Cooper and honestly Gerard Butler both kinda work for it. Others? Maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt, uhhhh. I don't know. I doubt it'll be a good movie anyways. Just realistically.

BugsBunny3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

"Nolan North doesn't look like he's athletic enough to do the stunts that it'd require. I can guarantee you that your idea would never happen."

It's called a work out, you know....what most actors do when they get a role in the film. They bulk up before they do the film. Do people keep forgetting this....oh for the stunts.....well thats what stunt doubles are for....right. To be honest, Nolan is pretty athletic, he does rock climbing in his spare time

Look they don't want to cast Nolan because lack of star power but if they get other characters, as I said, the villains to be played by big stars then they can be used for marketing. Think of 28 weeks later, the main characters were they boy and girl trying to survive and they're no names, yet in advertising Robert Carlyle was used...alot and if you've watched it then you know <Spoilers> he was killed off in the first 20 minutes. It's really all up to good editing, most actors today started off as no names, yet look where they are today.

I think Sony can take at least one chance for this film, I mean Nolan North is the reason why people like Nathan Drake so much, they at least owe the guy a chance to prove himself.

hardandsloppy3060d ago

Nolan North is pretty athletic. He does all of the scenes, including the more athletic ones, for the games already. He already knows how to do the stuff, so just hire him.

ReservoirDog3163060d ago

Haha, come on. This kinda movie wouldn't really work without the real actor doing a lot of the stunts. You can say bulk up but Nathan Drake isn't exactly bulging with muscles. It just wouldn't work for multiple reasons.

And star power is star power. It'd be something like Bradly Cooper as Drake and George Clooney as Sully and some terrible actress as Elena and some other terrible actress as Chloe and they'd make up new villains cause Uncharted's villains aren't exactly...memorable (full love to the series but the villains are all boring [besides Eddie Raja and he's arguably not a villain but whatever]). But yeah, that's the cast right there honestly.

It'd still probably be just another terrible game to movie adaptation though.

Bakkies3060d ago

Hooray for Gerard Butler!

Abdou233060d ago

Link is BROKEN !!

Anyway i think the best man to play Nathan Drake is: Ryan Reynolds.

r213060d ago

if Ryan Reynolds stars in it, i will rage...

Abdou233060d ago

Why is that ?! he is a good actor,funny and in an appropriate age.

r213060d ago

hes ok as an actor but to portray Nathan Drake with HIS voice, nope!

256bit3060d ago

nolan north looks nothing like drake.

rocky0475863060d ago

That's weird that you think that considering they literally used his face for the modelling of the character.

Anyway though, I'll have to disagree about using him in the film, even though he may know the part and you could use well known actors around him, that's not always bound to make for a successful film. Look at that movie Haywire with no-name Gina Carano. Star-studded cast surrounding her and it still didn't do all that great in the box office.

I think Geoff Stults from The Finder on Fox would be perfect for Nathan Drake. He looks, talks, and acts like him and he has his personality and is young and talented and could definitely play him for the long haul if they were to make it a series of films.

I think Elizabeth Banks would be perfect as Elena. I think that JK Simmons from Spiderman, J Jonah Jameson, he would be perfect as Sully. Get Helen Mirren in as Katherine from Uncharted 3 and you'll have a hit movie on your hands.

Hicken3060d ago

I like Butler, but I dunno...

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