Bethesda Knew PS3 Skyrim Had Memory Issues, Shipped Anyway

From Pixel Apocalypse...

"While I’m glad that Bethesda is dedicated to fixing the issues occurring on the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim, it is a little shocking that it took this long to get sorted out. More so that Bethesda let millions of gamers buy a product they knew was faulty. That’s a lot of gamers out there who are going to think hard about another Bethesda purchase. Looks like this generations mentality of release now, patch later has finally spun around and bit a developer in the ass..."

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lorianguy3072d ago

Well I'm disappointed that this was the case, but I'm glad they're making an effort to fix things.

MagicAccent3072d ago ShowReplies(2)
360GamerFG3072d ago

I'm glad they did not delay the game for the other platforms because one console has RAM issues

ardivt3072d ago

Still I'm glad that I had the possibility to play it on my ps3. would have gone crazy if it would have been a pc/360 exclusive

PixL3072d ago

Such practice should be persecuted by law.

AllroundGamer3072d ago

sadly the law isn't fair in any country...

Bosna13072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

so they are supposed to delay the PS3 version when 360/PC version is ready? not their fault ps3 has a memory issue and do me a favor and dont try and lecture me Im not gona read it.

hiredhelp3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

PS3 doesnt have a memory issue, The issue lies with the devs not working the ps3 shared memory.. deadicated to part of it on the cell processor.
If they spent more time on that there be no issues,But dont forget bethesda is with Id' we all know wich side carmack is on.
so am i supprised they dont want to dig understand the ps3shared memory NO!
xbox 360 has deadicated 512mb ps3 has 512mb shared

Bigpappy3072d ago

No this is ignorance and brain wash! How many developer have said that there is and issue with the split RAM. Multi-Plat after Multi-plat have proven that they are correct. A huge game like Skyrim only serves to make this more pronounced.

Bosna13072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

yeah I forgot about Teh Power of CELL... well now I can sleep better since you reminded me. I dont understand some of you fanboys on here, you praise Skyrim like its the most amazing thing ever, then something goes wrong and now all you guys want to burn Bethesda to the ground. Yeah my save got corrupted and my game lags but you know what at least they are trying to fix the problem..

wicko3071d ago

That is completely wrong - 360 has 512 shared and PS3 has 256 dedicated to video, 256 dedicated to system.

And also there is nothing wrong with having the ram split, that's not what developers are complaining about - they're complaining about how hard it is to transfer data between cells, with each having their own small chunk of memory.

badz1493071d ago

GTAIV, RDR, JC2, inFAMOUS all these games don't have issues like what Skyrim has.
Bethesda is well known for unpolished games for this entire generation already!

gnothe13072d ago

its not skyrim that had memory issues...its the struggles with all these big open world games like that..not enough memory..thats probably why sony cancelled i think it was called the getaway..they couldnt get those graphice they promised in an open world game due to the memory constraints of the PS3.but im glad there is some work arounds for bethesda that they can make this game work better on the ps3....

MrDead3072d ago

Maybe you should tell Bethesda as they think it something else. Also did you read the article?

Highlife3071d ago

Infamous 2 says hello! That game ran like butter.

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The story is too old to be commented.