MadCatz's Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit up for pre-order

The Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit exists (er, will exist) simply to allow those who purchased their Xbox 360 before the days of built-in HDMI to utilize one of the dusty HDMI sockets on their TV / receiver.

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Charlie26884731d ago

Looks like this one will actually be the HDMI adaptor to get if you want one for you 360, specially considering the other piece of trash we also got articles about >.>

I am also impressed at the fact that is actually small (and same color themes as the 360) and not the usual BIG black/blue box the other ones have...but still its VERY expensive >.>

Mikey_Gee4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

My Launch console will finally be able to use HDMI

But if they want to more these things ... the $90 price is way off the mark. If they want them to sell, you need to be around the $40 mark.

But then again, it comes with the HDMI cable and optical cable, well that makes it easier to handle at the $90 range. As the UPDATE says it does

Update: Turns out this thing does indeed support 1080p, and it'll come with "free" HDMI and optical audio cables, too. Check out the PDF here. Thanks, PerfectVirus!

They should give you a bundle option ($90) or just the dongle ($40)

ThaGeNeCySt4731d ago

lmao @ this useless piece of crap... sorry but... unless u have an elite or newer 360, this is pretty much pointless... old 360's don't have the HANA chip in it so this will do nothing

SuperSaiyan44730d ago

With the 360's that have HDMI you get another option that improves the picture colour quality and such also you dont get the HANA chip so yea this device is a gimmick.

I bet its just a DVI cable that mimicks HDMI.

UltramanJ4730d ago

Until I found out there's virtually no difference from the visuals using component. Plus HDMI's image quality gets worse over time, while component's is consistently the same? I'll stick with component.

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