Toshiba to launch 128GB SSD in May

Toshiba will be jumping into the deep end of the pool, joining several other companies that have announced new solid state drives.

Toshiba is unique, however, by announcing that it will produce a 128GB SSD drive that will be launching in the May 2008 time frame, while the flash memory that is being produced for the drives should start rolling off the line some time in March 2008. In order to reach the 128GB drive capacity, Toshiba will be using 56nm density NAND flash with multi-level cells, which was ke...

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Kakkoii4733d ago

That's pretty crazy right thurr lol. 128GB card that fits in your pocket.. Dayum.

Now they just need to do this to an SD CARD! lol. That would be a dream come true.

LinuxGuru4733d ago

Hopefully flash memory's reliability problems when being read / written to / from on a constant basis have been rectified....or this'll be a disaster.

PimpHandHappy4733d ago

the buy out of Sonys cell chip factory is bringing them some goods 4 market

SuperSaiyan44733d ago

I really want an SSD it fits in the PC but I heard the write speeds are not as good as a HDD but the access speeds are super fast!

nanometric4732d ago

How about a 100+ gig micro SD... then you can screw both iPod and Zune, I can have everything in my phone... now that would be a dream come true! ^_^ Thou I can't imagine the price tag, I now have to pay ~50$ for a 2gig :/

Ju4732d ago

2.5" and SATA. That baby fits into the PS3 :) That sounds kinda interesting.

WilliamRLBaker4732d ago

but will it work? SSD drives are similiar and are supposed to work in most instances but SSD drives have been around for a while and i've not heard any one trying to use one on the ps3 heres to hoping it works SSD cards are insane.

Ju4732d ago

"sATA" interface. Behaves like a regular hard disk. Read the article.

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