Mass Effect 3 "longer than Mass Effect 2"

TVGB: "Fearing that Mass Effect 3's cooperative mode has taken attention from the single-player experience? As far as the size of the game is concerned, that won't be the case: in a recent interview, BioWare doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk say the game will have more content than its predecessor."

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Christopher3068d ago

Longer hallways? Just what I wanted!

Okay, just kidding, but couldn't help myself.

***I’m playing through it again at home right now and I’m at like the sixty percent mark and it’s definitely over the amount of time I played Mass Effect 2 but I think it’s a good range***

I'm glad to hear this and I sure as heck hope this isn't taken out of context. Like, he never did all the squad loyalty missions in ME2 or it's longer because he dies more often in ME3 with the combat changes.

soundslike3068d ago

i just hope the squad recruitment and loyalty missions dont make up 90% of the playtime

makes the story feel rushed when you get back to it...

Christopher3068d ago

I do believe a majority of the story revolves around 'loyalty', though. If you played the demo, Anderson pretty much tells you to run off and get all the help you can to come back and kill the Reapers on Earth. Well, that means go from planet to planet, city to city, and collecting all the people and their allegiances to help take back Earth. And, well, those people aren't going to want to help you for free, they're going to need you to help them in some way.

Kalowest3068d ago

So they mixed in alil bit of DA:O lol.