Precise GTA 5 release dates are marketing tactics

InEnt writes: This week we’ve heard about another online store offering a launch window for the GTA 5 release, although this time they’ve given an exact release date and this has caused some rumors that there could be more to the November launch month. What we do know about the latest Zavvi date – they picked November because this is the widely predicted release month by the gaming community, and if the game doesn’t release next year it would almost certainly come in November this year. Rockstar said on Twitter that any dates are just “guessing” and should be taken with a pinch of salt, which leaves some people wondering why some stores list exact dates?

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danswayuk2489d ago

The only real date will come from Rockstar, everything else is a guess and has no merit.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2489d ago

November would seem nice for it to come out this year but Rockstar has had some good released in the Summer aswell.
As much as I would want the game to be released soon my guesses are in 2012 and we'll start hearing more about the gamer after max paynes release.

MoveTheGlow2488d ago

If the release date for your game is viewed as a marketing tactic because it's garnering a certain amount of attention, you've already done it right.