The GameTap Editors Pick their Must Have Titles Of The Year

This year will go down as more than just a footnote in videogame history. From record-breaking sales numbers on NPD reports, to the remarkable list of excellent first-person shooters that commanded all eyes, to the resurgence of Nintendo's dominance in the console market, 2007 was a year to be remembered.

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Darkiewonder4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Each editor made the right choice. The system of choice for 2007 and beyond is the superior machine that offers more AAA titles in one year than any other systems out now. Microsoft's xbox 360 surely is the system that none match.

solar4734d ago

i agree with you. 2007 was the 360's year. they had great games that trumped the other consoles offerings.

next a totally different story. it should be another great year for gamers. :D

chitown4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

wow ratchet and clank needs to be on that list somewhere

slak4734d ago

ratchet and clank is not in there thats [email protected]