Call of Duty 4 Patch 1.4 Released

Changes: "Winter Crash", a holiday version of Multiplayer map "Crash". Improvements to the server browser. Fixed some rare bullet accuracy issues for all weapons. For server admins: fixed user ban list not working correctly on servers. Ban.txt will be created in the main or fs_game directory

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RecSpec4733d ago

By the looks of this, I'm guessing PC only. Too bad, the holiday version of "Crash" sounds like fun. Even if it is the same map.

Vagrant_14733d ago

would of been nice to get it on consoles too

TheIneffableBob4733d ago

Winter Crash is pretty fun. I like the change in lighting.

Bleucrunch4732d ago

I would like MORE maps please!!! More Maps and get rid of search and destroy OMG I hate that game.

i Shank u4732d ago

Search and Destroy is the sheeezy. and in hardcore its now a stand alone choice, so you dont ever have to play it unless you select it. respawn time's still eternity, tho

Jinxstar4732d ago

What they need to add is a "Mute player" option for idiots you dont wanna hear.

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