These PS3 Enhancements Will Stop The PS4 Talk

TQ: After numerous amounts of implausible PlayStation 4 rumors hitting the net earlier this year, video game enthusiasts appear to want Sony’s next-gen console prematurely. Will the PlayStation 4 be announced at this year’s E3? Is the PlayStation 4 releasing in 2013? What’s taking Sony so long? All these questions are far from valid if we follow Sony’s 10-year plan for the PS3. What you should really be looking forward to is what Sony will do to make the PS3 better. This is not about a next-gen console for Sony, it’s about enhancing the PlayStation 3 to make it last until 2016, like they have reiterated many a time.

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AtomicGerbil2463d ago

A new UI is an effective substitute for a new system? What?

And as for the ten year cycle, if history is anything to learn from then they are not going to wait the full ten years to release new hardware. The author really didn't think too hard before writing.

DeadlyFire2462d ago

One day they will understand supporting it and having it be the frontline HD hardware for the brand are two different things.

For the others that may not understand.

Right now. Its like this. PS2 = Low End Sony Hardware. PS3 = High End Sony Hardware. When PS4 is out. PS4 takes the High End slot and PS3 takes the low end slot. PS2 sadly will be no more, but it lasted beyond their expectations.

TheUnbiasedLion2462d ago

I agree with you and the fact you have MOSS as your display picture only increases my respect for you :)

t0mmyb0y2461d ago

"As far as I can tell, a PlayStation 3 with an updated OS/XMB, Vita support, and with Vita’s OS-like features implemented into the system will keep the PlayStation 4 talk at bay for at least 4 more years. You’ll see."

I agree man, wtf is he talking about.

kneon2463d ago

Once again someone doesn't understand the 10 year life cycle. It doesn't mean they won't launch until the PS3 is 10 years old, it means they will sell and support it for at least 10 years.

lorianguy2463d ago

That's what I though too. The author seems to know little about what was meant by supporting the PS3 for 10 years.

Also @Flatbattery -- Epic Avatar!

Chaostar2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Can't believe people still aren't comprehending the 10 year plan thing yet.

Really, why is it so hard to understand that a 10 year plan doesn't mean a new console can't be launched alongside an old one?

edit: Ah, Kneon beat me to it, well played sir.

360GamerFG2463d ago

So will the system updates up the RAM?

Drekken2462d ago

They need to just release a RAM Addon for the USB slot.

BubloZX2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )


That's actually a very very bad idea.
First off do you know how slow trying to access RAM for graphical purposes are through USB 2.0? It would literally make any game that tries to make use of that feature unplayable. Now if the ps3 had say USB 3.0 it might work for less demanding games. Also that add on would split the PS3's user group. Think most average consumers don't understand why RAM, GPUs, ect. are important and wouldn't want to buy it just to play a game that decided to use the addon.
The bottom line is its time for a new console. RAM alone isn't going to make up for the simple fact that the ps3's chipset is wayy out dated and better bluray drives are now much cheaper and faster than what the ps3 uses.

Wintersun6162462d ago

Wont' work because USB is slow and if it was a requirement, it would create confusion among the less tech savvy customers. Also RAM is not the only upgrade we will get with the next gen PS.

DigitalAnalog2462d ago

Check out RAM add-on for the Saturn! YEAH!

Wolfbiker2463d ago

A new more responsive ui along with cross game chat, ability to change psn and universal connectivity to the vita would give the ps3 a breath of fresh air I believe it needs.

BubloZX2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Because of the ps3's 256mb system ram and 256mb video ram split cross game chat is impossible that is why the vita has 512mb system ram and 128mb video ram. More ram= better multitasking. Ps3's system ram is virtually all used up between the OS and the games running. The ps3 should really figure out how to shrink the ps3's OS so more features are plausible

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