GTA IV Release Date and Price Announced?

Gameplayer are reporting that a local Australian games retailer has dates, and prices, up for GTA IV. If accurate, the PS3 version of the game will cost more, and there will be songs on the soundtrack recorded exclusively for the game.

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Relcom4733d ago

I'll be pissed if i got to pay more for it on my PS3.

Texas GMR4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

The 360 will have mutiple discs and the PS3 will cost more. LOL

I'm Joking. Who knows. This site is all about rumors anyways.

The add on that site has the 40g at $700! Ouch.

Bnet3434733d ago

just letting you know that a single BR disc cost more then 10 DVD's to produce. That's no joke. It makes me wonder how much money get put into making PS3 games.

DRUDOG4733d ago

This is obviously an Aussie site, so the prices/release dates are not for NA. If you don't live in Australia, I don't think you'll need to worry about price differences

@Kigmal. Where the hell are you getting your info about BD costing more than 10 DVDs to produce? Got any facts on that, jack? Please don't give me some website from last year either since new tech was published last summer about different dyes and changes to production lines that are supposed to easily convert DVD manufacturing to BD. The cost of manufacturing has dropped substantially since BDs inception.

Bull5hifT4733d ago

at the introduction of blue-ray' it cost around $3.00 to produce the disk and the dvd around $0.55 cents

now the dvd cost $0.25 cents to make and blu-rays cost around $1.25

solidt124732d ago

This is information for the Asia-Pac region which is always different than the US. I think we need to wait for the official word because something definitely is fishy about this rumor. Asia-Pac games can cost more sometimes but we will see.

ANZAC_Legend4732d ago

i buy most my gear from gameswarhouse here in aus. this is the response i got to the GTAIV release date

"Hello Mat,

The Xbox360 version of the game is complete, and waiting the finalisation of the PS3 version.
Rockstar have agreed to release GTA4 simultaneously on both consoles.
The release date has been held up apparently due to a litany of issues with the PS3 version of the game. The release date as given is “1st quarter 08” no confirmed date has been issued yet.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


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gamesblow4733d ago

I get to pay less than anyone for this game... NOTHING! Cause I won't be buying it. If I decide to take the demo copy I'll do that, just to play it but that's it. I'll then put it up on my website and give it away for free like I've done in the past with games like Assassins Creed, COD4, Fight Night 3, Ridge Racer 7 and a host of others...

that's why gamesblow is famed... he gives back to the community.

solar4733d ago

ps3 version more? well if thats true thats kinda poopie. thank god for rumors. perfect cannon fodder.

Bnet3434733d ago

It's probably false. They will both be $60. I'm 90% on that.

DRUDOG4733d ago

Did anybody even read the story? The prices were for Australia, not NA. It'll drop for $60 on both systems.

travelguy2k4732d ago

at the local ebgames wannabe PS3 games are $100.00 pesos ($10.00 USD) more than the 360 version. It does suck, thats why i import from the states and have it sooner than Mexico and cheaper.

Phaqutomb4732d ago

game stop has both versions for $59.99 and the SE one for $89.99. i wouldnt expect to pay more than that. if so they will not get my money

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jcgamer4733d ago

and YOU know this...MAN!

BenzMoney4732d ago

The GTA series is tired. Was fun the first 3 times around, but got less fun and more monotonous every time. I'm in a definite "wait and see" mode on this one. If it's like the past iterations, then it'll be a pass. If it's completely new and totally different, then we'll see. I won't be buying it on brand name alone.

harv0524733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

I don't give a sh*t. Probably 10$ difference, not a big deal...

Edit: A disagree...If you're too cheap to pay an extra 10$ for a game, then you must be eating dog food to survive. And tell me, how did you buy your 400$ console?


don't be upset, people complain about $8 a month for Live..

we are a cheap bunch us gamers !

Genuine4732d ago

Actually, Live is only $4 a month. In N.A. anyway.

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