Adding A Little Polish: Why Debugging is Needed

Why debugging is a necessity in gaming. Excerpt from the article:

"There have always been glitches in games, but mostly they were unobtrusive or just plain difficult to activate. Sometimes they would even work to the player's advantage, such as easily gaining many extra lives. Glitches can vary in severity, from minor graphical artifacts to crashing the entire game, forcing players to restart for the last save point. In the past, hardware limitations played a role in causing some anomalies that just couldn't be avoided. However, there seemed to generally be a concerted effort to keep glitches to a minimum. The code was thoroughly checked for errors and the final products were usually very clean. Of course, during the golden age of video games, most programmers were only dealing with a handful of lines of code compared to the multi-gigabyte game programs of today. With large development teams and high production costs, it's practically a given that a lot of errors get missed. Still, is that acceptable for these expensive games that we all spend our money on?"

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