Twisted Metal Matchmaking Status Update and Other Concerns

MP1st - Twisted Metal’s David Jaffe discusses the studio’s progress on matchmaking along with other issues.

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Legionaire20053060d ago

Good get some sleep, hands off snakey in the morning , bath , brush your teeth , get dress and get back to work. There is a lot of angry gamers out there waiting to connect to matchmaking. It is bad if the problem still goes on when games like Syndicate, SSX, Binary Domain, and Mass Effect 3 comes out with better online play. These games have the potiential to steal people from your game, and that not gonna look good down the line. So get back to work. Don't worry Jaffe we still love you lol.

Nitrowolf23060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

He doesn't actually do any of the coding just directs TM. I hope Sony (Jaffe said it's their issue) resolves these issues

man this shootmytruck contest is really taking a toll on him

Legionaire20053060d ago

I know just bringing out awareness. Tell you what I play Mass Effect 3 demo for online and it loads fantastic with zero problems. It's bad when problems are still present in the full game of Twisted Metal. They literally said that the retail copy had no problems, but I guess they were misinformed. It's embrassing to make those claims that are not true. For the sells, the numbers do not lie.

Jobesy3059d ago

Kinda of pathetic that it seems he hasn't even played his own game. What was all this extra time they had from the original release date till Feb 14th used for?

creatchee3059d ago

Matchmaking could use some tweaking. However, I usually just make a room and it fills up.

My main concern is ranked games. As far as I can tell, you can't guarantee that your friends (or even your party) will be on the same team. I understand that teams should be "even", but I like playing with my buddies. I also like unlocking things through play. These shouldn't be separate concepts.

Also, the voice chat doesn't seem to work properly, and the clan/friend/party options are basically hidden (i.e. there's no menu that indicates its existence - you have to hit select).

The gameplay is fine. Actually it's excellent and very fun. I really don't have complaints with it. The level design is weird though. Why can I drive through a house and not a particular guardrail. And why do I nearly flip over when I run over curbs sometimes? It's odd, but doesn't really hurt the game. Hopefully patches will fix this and the aforementioned.

rdgneoz33059d ago

Buddies being on different teams in ranked games will happen. It shouldn't be fair to let a group of people that are high ranked and coordinated play against people just starting out. It'd be unfair and easy as hell to rank up. Also, you'd have everyone on the other team leaving if they saw the other side all in clan tags and high skill ratings, the match would never fill or would end early.

creatchee3059d ago

I kinda agree, but in just about every other online game, you can be on your friends' team.

rbluetank3059d ago

i will just pratice on the single player until the mp is fixed... Jaffe you need some Sleep. i have a twisted metal black code for the first person who pm one N4G. i do not think i will be using it.. i have given away codes before and this is not a prank.