Call of Duty 6 - Already on its way by Infinity Ward? "Call of Duty 6, with the recent information acquired we believe this game is already started in development with Infinity Ward. Treyarch worked on the prior game (Call of Duty 3). Given that setup, it is plausible that Treyarch would now be working on Call of Duty 5 while Infinity Ward moves onto Call of Duty 6."

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Relcom4731d ago

So i just wont buy COD5 and wait for 6, because Infinaity Ward rules.

Doppy4731d ago

Agreed, hopefully it's modern warfare again. Speaking of which why don't they just have two versions of Call of Duty. The WW II version and the modern warfare version.

Panthers4730d ago

Thats a good idea. That way we know which ones to stay away from.

ElementX4731d ago

Why alternate between development teams? Is this so suckers buy the game by title alone and get a lousy WWII game when they think COD5 will be sweet like COD4?

Relcom4731d ago

While the A squad make 6, the B squad goes and throws in a game. To make some money off the Call of Duty brand in the mean time.

i Shank u4730d ago

i wish they wouldnt do this. IW started the series, and should remain theirs to complete. Tho treyarch is a good dev, it sucks to see the series being whored out so each year can have a title. Right now its treated like Activisions's version of Madden

Charlie26884731d ago

6?!!!! O.o WOW 2 SEQUELS ahead

next years headline here at N4G
"COD5 delayed, COD6 coming next month"


Jinxstar4731d ago


Bub's for you.

LinuxGuru4731d ago

to see something like that happen....considering how skilled infinity ward is.


Ahmadinejad4731d ago

hmm, are we to belive then that 5 is going to suck ass like 3 did?? god dammit. why dont they just develope 5 well with some sort of collabration of two teams and then do 6 when the time comes. Call of duty is one of the best franchises around and it sucks when they keep f*cking it up.

Relcom4731d ago

they only fuk it up every other time... : )

Ahmadinejad4731d ago

Haha, well 4 was well worth the wait, i really think they should ditch the whole WW2 crap(not trying to offend any veterans or families) and stick to this era. every other one i suppose is much better than some other franchises record

Relcom4731d ago

It never leaves my PS3

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The story is too old to be commented.