NAVGTR announces nominees for 2012 game awards

The National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers (NAVGTR, pronounced “navigator”) announced its list of nominees for their 2012 NAVGTR video game awards.

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Sadie21002437d ago

Lots of love for LA Noire, Modern Warfare 3, Catherine....

roblef2437d ago

Nice to see Rayman, LBP and Catherine up there.

acronkyoung2437d ago

Especially considering the recent news that Rayman turned a profit, maybe Ubisoft can be convinced to let Ancel do more passion projects.

barefootgamer2437d ago

Lead Performance in a Comedy:

Logan Cunningham as “Rucks” (Bastion)

Bastion was a comedy? Uh...okay...

THR1LLHOUSE2437d ago

I've never even thought of differentiating games between "comedy" and "drama." That seems weird to me...but now I feel like thinking about it some more...hmm

SybaRat2437d ago

Spacechem? What the hell is Spacechem? THIS I MUST KNOW.

lethalsilicong52437d ago

Can't wait for the winners!