Robert Bowling Sympathizes With Modern Warfare 3 Fans Over DLC Exclusivity

MP1st - Infinity Ward Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, comments on the negative response that the recent Call of Duty: Elite Content Drop 3 trailer has been receiving.

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dazzrazz3067d ago

Here is a simple but effective solution... You don't like what publisher is doing for you ? Stop supporting them with your wallet. The only reason Acitivision is afloat is because 20+ million human beings every 12 months decide to buy the same "reheated slice of pizza" with only difference as of this year "mushroom topping" for premium upfront price of $50

tmoss7263067d ago

Seriously. People need to stop complaining. Speak with your wallet.

GraveLord3067d ago

Your comment is stupid.

1. Not everyone has the luxury of changing jobs. Bowling is most likely on a contract with Activison/Infinity Ward. Even if he wasn't a job change for a game developer would most likely mean moving to a different city. He has a family to think about.

2. Like someone below me said, speak with your wallet. Consumers like COD, so they will keep paying for it not matter how much you hate it.

KwietStorm3067d ago

Reheated that is a good one

Shmotz3067d ago

Dont even care any more. I have Twisted Metal as my go to MP game.

iMpuTeD3067d ago

eh some reheated pizza isn't so bad but reheated cod is always terrible now.