How To Transfer PSP Save Files To Vita – PC Instructions

Today I managed to get my pre-order down at a local Best Buy. A 30 minute transaction later, I had my First Edition Bundle + Free Uncharted.

I got home and quickly started transferring PSP games that I had purchased on PSN over to my PS Vita. Every went really well, even with the very awkward Vita transfer process. I then tried to transfer my save files and quickly found out that I didn't really know how. I couldn't do it through PS3 or PC due to the system files being locked out much like an Iphone.

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MicrocutsX23072d ago

Wow nice. Now make PSP games free on PSN please. sigh.

Paradise3072d ago

what is this, I don't even...

PattHpapong3072d ago

could be good way to back up saves if it wasnt an awkward process

nevin13072d ago

what a tedious process.

Smashbro293072d ago

So in short, its tedious as all hell?

kB03072d ago

It's tedious but it works :) And once you know the folder you can just drag all your PSP saves there and basically sync it with the PS Vita.

If this is tedious then the Iphone is the most tedious thing in the world with iTunes, at least this is a small app that consumes nothing of your system resources:P

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