Help THQ Design An "Ambulance Match" In WWE '13

THQ is busy working on WWE '13 hopefully bringing in a ton of new match types. With John Cena facing off against Kane in an "Ambulance Match" at the next PPV, THQ wants to know how you would design the match.

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DasTier2462d ago

Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea? They would probably just use the same formula as backstage matches, "press Y near ambulance to win"...

NYC_Gamer2462d ago

agree,they should fire Yukes already.

Cra2yey32462d ago

We don't want ambulance match type!!!!! We want new gameplay and story mode that keep going. "here comes the pain"

AttitudeEra962459d ago

Real simple:FIRE Yukes and bring back AKI!. WWF No Mercy Revamped and we got ourselves a wrestling game.Enough Said

ZubaerMilky2454d ago

they should cfeate an ambulance mach for wwe 13

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