Playstation Vita, Failure Before Launch?

The Vita, a system that everyone loves to bash before it is even launched. Should Sony be concerned or are they sitting on a potential game changer with this hand held?

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Dante1122441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

"Nah, I think Sony is just now putting on the boxing gloves and is preparing for another long fight. Sure, they are coming into this generation of hand helds with a slight black eye due to the way the PSP was handled (UMD’s not becoming a standard of any kind like Sony wanted, the lackluster sales of the PSP Go, etc) but they are poised to come out on top with the Vita if they handle it right."

I agree. I think the Vita will hang around.

Edit: I like how Dark360 had this approved until I made my comment.

triverse2441d ago

As I mentioned in the article, Sony has proven they will support their systems, even if they are not #1. That should speak volumes to consumers but probably falls on deaf ears for the most part.

aceitman2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

the title says it all troll ,troll, troll. give it some time before u fail something this is what was said about the 3ds and look at it now . games came out for it a price cut . to many people thought it was nothing but 3d added to ds and thats it .people where not going to spend money on something that is a add on . not a upgrade . the price for the vita compared to ipads and iphones or pnones is at a sweet spot . u pay a hefty price for smartphones and i pads but oh its sony . no matter what if it was 200 dollars trolls will say its to much. every one thought sony was going to charge anywhere from 4-500$for it when they say what the specs and 2 touch screens . oh my , then bang 250 -299$ nice .

firefoxprime2441d ago

I'm surprised this was even approved...but it attracts chumps like me to post it up, heh.

It'll happen if it happens. Sony's backing it up tremendously compared to the psp. I say let the Vita fans be. Let'em enjoy their handheld. It has a solid lineup, although the japan sales are weaker than expected.

Same goes for the 3DS. Only people I won't respect are mobile phone "gamers" (hahaha...) who claim they recieve the same handheld experience.

deep_fried_bum_cake2441d ago

I would simply put No but one word comments aren't the most welcome on N4G. The Vita will be going good on launch out with Japan as most of the launch titles are geared towards a western audience,which is partly why it's had a slow beginning in japan.

Dark3602441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )


gtxgamer22441d ago

Vita did better than 3DS at launch..not that this has anything to do with the article. But If they bring down vita wift to 200$ an 3G to 250 itll sell more. Oh an a MC Price reduction

triverse2441d ago

I don't think they will drop the price too much too soon, Sony has a proven track record of releasing a better hardware revision later and adjusting the prices as needed then. I agree with you though, they really need to come in at the $199 price point for the wifi version.

tiffac0082441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I think Sony priced it as such, so they can have a much more flexible pricing option without sacrificing the profits if they do make the price drop down the line.

And I agree if Sony can nail it with the digital pricing of their games then bring out some PS Suite games and free apps, that could very well justify the current pricing for early adopters.

Sony can't win against the frugal gamers but you can make them want the Vita with the right software in place.

Read the article guys, its actually opposite of what the title may have unintentionally suggested.

blumatt2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

The Wifi version IS $199. lol What are you talking about? That's a steal for what's packed in the thing. Imagine how much an iPhone would be if it had all the tech the Vita has. IT would be like $400 even with the subsidization.

Razongunz2441d ago

wifi allready is at 199 and 250 for 3G..not officialy though..but alot of retailers ether give extra bonus like gift card or free game while the store where i bought mine sells the vita itself for 1999 kroners for wifi and 2599 for 3G..and 1 month ago the same website had it priced 2399 and 2999 and these prices are for my country the same as a 199/250$ price in the US. u just have to find there right retailer.

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