Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.09 to Bring New Prestige Levels, Music Volume Update, and Theater Fixes

MP1st - Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has revealed some of the additions and fixes that the next title update, patch 1.09, will include for Modern Warfare 3.

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Criminal2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Adjustable game music volume was in Black Ops right off the bat, as I remember. Treyarch could've helped IW and Sledgehammer to have it day one. They should co-ordinate better.

tmoss7262438d ago

Treyarch is too busy making their game.

matt19912438d ago

Who would disagree with tmoss.

once black ops came out treyarch moves to there next game and MW3 was in the middle of development.

chriski3332438d ago

9th patch and still counting but game still sucks but activision just keeps on pumping out recycled crap

Neko_Mega2438d ago

What we need is it to block hackers more better, pretty bs when people can't be killed or some how everyone but you are on the other team (Team change isn't on too).