The Walking Dead Game New Screenshots

The Walking Dead Game has got 3 new screenshots for you all to enjoy.

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BugsBunny3624d ago

Not realy liking the whole cartoon looking approach to this game. It would of been better as a full adapted game for retail with more of a realistic look.

Oh and wheres Rick and the gang....this is walking dead after all, can't have that without Rick.

Jobesy3624d ago

The game direction is unfortunate. If they could have gotten a dev like Bethesda on board and go full open world with co-op it would have been 100% win.

BugsBunny3623d ago

Don't know about co-op since in my opinion open world games and co-op don't mix well (Borderlands was alright although the map was spilt into sections with loading screens).....but an open world game would be fun.

deep_fried_bum_cake3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

People are to quick to approve things. Duplicate story

Bosna13624d ago

another zombie game? :D

Gamer-Z3624d ago

Graphics look no better than Black Ops zombies

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