Target bundles PS Vita with $20 Gift Card and other goodies

XMNR: The PS Vita First Edition Bundle launched this week and Sony's new handheld fully launches next week in both WiFi only and 3G plus WiFi versions. Target launched a new deal on Wednesday meant to entice potential buyers with a gift card and a starter kit bundled in with the PS Vita WiFi system.

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WooHooAlex2461d ago

You're really only saving a few bucks going that route. The $20 gift card is pretty sweet tho. Especially when you pair it with the sale on VITA games they're having next week. Buy two, get one free.

Lubu2461d ago

Yes. This is what I hoped happened. Gift cards, or in Amazon's case, a credit would be awesome. If they also match the Buy 2, Get 1; then I would be able to get a solid games collection started.

Adva2461d ago

Buy Vita on Launch day + 1 additional day and receive a FREE 4GB card and $20 off on any game purchase. Futureshop Canada.