Is Vita losing developer support already? Sony responds

Gamasutra: An anonymous quote from Japan's Nikkei newspaper paints a bleak picture for the future of the PlayStation Vita, but Scott Rohde, Sony's senior vice president of Worldwide Studios, rebuts.

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GraveLord2440d ago

If it is then Sony needs to do a Japanese price cut, FAST.

Sony can't afford to lose dev support this early for Vita.

MariaHelFutura2440d ago

This guy shouldn't have even responded to this nonsense.

Dante1122440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

@ Maria

So true. Remember this?

Nikkei has been spreading alot of BS lately. Surprised Sony even took the time to reply. Remember that "one console maker will drop out in early 2012" article?

Edit: Lol @ Grave hoping that no one will read the article. Looks like it's working though by the agrees.

MaxXAttaxX2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )


Montrealien2440d ago

You are right Dante112, if you are lucky you will get 300 agrees which represents 0.000062 of the gaming market.

/on topic

Give the f*cking console a chance, it was released officialy yesterday in NA and it is the best portable console to date, really enjoying it and very happy I pre ordered it and got the bundle.

SilentNegotiator2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

"An anonymous quote from Japan's Nikkei newspaper paints a bleak picture for the future of the PlayStation Vita"

He shouldn't have responded to an anonymous quote in a newspaper? Don't be silly! An anonymous quote could ruin them! /s

Brosy2440d ago

Sony has a plan for the Vita that will go into years. This is obviously an over sensational story. They just have to be sure of their current relationship with 3rd party developers. They have probably got enough 1st party developers that they can put on developing games for the Vita, if they ran into a pinch. The Vita will be fine, no need to worry about it.

Why o why2440d ago


just kidding but yu know the rules...we cant ever agree;) ;)

sikbeta2440d ago

Oh man, that was fast, Gaf got this first, the mass conclution is that things aren't looking good for Vita

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CoolBeansRus2439d ago

This system needs more advertising, i don't see it on tv unless it's in those dumb taco bell commercials, no hype yo!

smashcrashbash2440d ago

What BS. That is not how business works. You have a contract to make a game no matter what you THINK is going to happen. They can't just cancel all projects and jump to the 3DS even IF they wanted to. What kind of $hit is this? This sounds like some rubbish a fanboy would say.

JonahFalcon2440d ago

It happens all the time. 200 developers pledged to develop for the Virtual Boy. How'd that work out?

smashcrashbash2440d ago

Yeah, because the VITA is just like the Virtual Boy a crappy console with nothing but a gimmick holding it up. Do you think these people PLEDGED to make games for the VITA? You think its a telethon or something?

They sat down, haggled, came to an agreement, signed paperwork etc. Do you think this is like telling your friend you will give them $5.00 and you can just change your mind and give it to someone else on the fly?

'Okay everyone lets jump to the 3DS because the VITA had a rocky start'./s. Does everyone on this site think a company works like a lemonade stand or a roadside diner?

Montrealien2440d ago

Jonah basicly pointed out the fact that you where wrong in assuming you knew how business worked. He never stated that the vita was like the virtual boy, just that many devs claimed supprt and then didnt do nothing, proving your theory wrong.

yet, more peopl agreed with you and you didnt even recognize the fact that someone proved you wrong. Yay for N4G logic, failing and showing why its the bottom of the trash can, once again.

/on topic

Here is hoping the vita sells well and more games get made for it, it is a really great piece of hardware.

wolokowoh2439d ago

@Montrealien He wasn't proved wrong in the sense that companies aren't going to drop projects on a whim. If they already have a multi-million dollar project halfway completed, you don't drop it. You finish it, release it, and try to make your money back. If the console fails which is unlikely in the case of the Vita, you lose more money than you would have or you find a way to turn it around. For instance, you can still port the project to another platform. If you cancel a project, that investment was wasted and you give up an IP which could have been successful. The Virtual Boy didn't get support for a number of reasons. Nintendo didn't even support well themselves. None of the problems with Virtual Boy exist with Vita so his argument proves nothing.

Montrealien2439d ago

I am just confused that 13 people don't want the Vita to sell well, why dissagree?

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Dante1122440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

"I did not see that quote, but you see extremist quotes like that all the time," says Rohde, who spoke to Gamasutra about the incipient launch of the Vita in North America.

"I mean, obviously, there is no way anyone could stand in front of a camera and say that all developers are changing focus from one platform to another, no matter what it is."

Shouldn't this be under rumor then?

Edit: I hate how there's never an official source. It's always anonymous. Reminds me of the "anonymous" source that said that one of the gaming console companies would drop out this year.

deep_fried_bum_cake2440d ago

No it shouldn't be under rumour as this is an article about Sony's response to the rumour. The anonymous source that newspapers quote is usually the voice inside their head or the guy who restocks paper at the company they are talking about.

DivineHand1252440d ago

What would the developers gain by signing such a contract and you would be surprised by the way publishers think.

Remember the games that got canceled and delayed because they didn't think the 3ds wasn't going to succeed.

My point is that as it is now, sony cannot just sit and wait for it to pick up steam on its own. They need to form a decent strategy just like nintendo did to change the position of their handheld.

wolokowoh2439d ago

The 3DS did fine out of the gate(outpacing the DS launch) and its possible failure wasn't mentioned as a factor for why games were canceled in any press release. Developers sign contracts with publishers to get funds to make their games. Publishers want their investment back so they take the lowest risk which is continuing the project because even if the platform they're releasing it on fails, they still can port it to another one and make some sort of revenue. Its a much lower risk than canceling the project and losing all revenue.
Also Sony aren't sitting back. That new 3G bundle is likely a response to the Japanese sales. On top of this, Son are continuing to support it with first party titles such as Gravity Rush. The reason 3DS sales got a significant boost in Japan is established JRPG franchise support such as Monster Hunter. Once Vita starts getting the JRPG support the PSP is still getting(for instance, new Suikoden on PSP best selling game in Japan last week), it will see a massive sales boost in Japan. US and European sales aren't exactly in. considering it just released and the support for those demographics is there so it should be interesting to see how Vita does.

PirateThom2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

"I did not see that quote, but you see extremist quotes like that all the time"

Mostly from Western media who want Sony to fail and continue to be disappointed when they don't, so if it's spreading to Japan it's pretty funny.

Roll on Vita, another Sony PlayStation device that will deliver the goods and still be hated on.

joeorc2440d ago

again im going to post this:

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Apple's Mac versus PC campaign was a good example of this"


if people do not think these tactic's are being used against Sony right now in the Media.

keep those sunglasses on..LMAO

GribbleGrunger2440d ago

abso-bloody-lutely fella. people just pull out the whole 'conspiracy theory' argument to immediately discredit any suggestion of something like this at work in the industry without once considering whether there is actually a business plan that covers such a strategy. and of course, there is

Death2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Who do you guys think is spearheading this campaign?

I'm always impressed when people honestly believe a complex marketing strategy is behind these types of reports. Sony is almost incapable of marketing anything, but you guys believe the competition is capable of sabotage on such a high level. You guys that believe this is the work of some mysterious force that is out to get Sony are one step closer to tin foil hats.


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ZippyZapper2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

"Mostly from Western media who want Sony to fail"

Because the Vita has done so well in Japan right?
Are they being paid off by Nintendo or Apple? Can't use MS is this one even though I know you want to.

roll on excuses

Biggest2439d ago

Remember how the 3DS was so awesome that they had to drop the price soon after release? I wonder how this one is going to play out.

LX-General-Kaos2440d ago

sony will be fine as long as they have there own studios and they get support from the majority of the main studios.