Razer Blade: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku - When I see the term 'gaming laptop', the first word that comes to mind is 'performance'. And when I hear of a gaming laptop with a price tag of nearly $2,800, I imagine a system that can readily outperform any less expensive machine.

That's just the way I've traditionally evaluated a gaming system — I am paying for performance. Judging by the initial reaction to Razer's modestly-spec'ed Blade laptop, I'm not alone. While many members of the PC gaming crowd were intrigued by the Blade's unique design, more still pointed and laughed, wondering why anyone would spend so much money when a similarly-powered system could be had for half the price.

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Blaine3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

When I see the term 'gaming laptop', the first word that comes to mind is 'why?'

When the reviewer compared this to the Macbook Pro, it almost made it seem reasonable. But, personally, I'd rather get a laptop focused on portability, and a desktop focused on power. Both together would end up the same price as the Blade anyways, which tries to do both but can't compete in either way.

kevnb3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

because a laptop that can game is awesome. you can bring it anywhere, play it on couch, plug it into any random tv etc...

OpenGL3072d ago

At $2800 you could get an Alienware M17x with a way more powerful CPU and a Geforce GTX 580M or Radeon 6990M. Obviously it won't be as thin, and the battery life won't be as good, but it will actually be capable of gaming at a decent level.

kevnb3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

for less than half the price you could get a m11x. m14x for half. Some of the asus laptops arent too bad, but alienware always bench better than the competition for now. If you dont go trying to max everyhting all the time you are fine. My m15x with a 5850m has had no problem with skyrim, swtor, battlefield 3 etc...

OpenGL3072d ago

Yeah the m11x isn't a bad little machine, and is actually pretty comparable to the Razer Blade in performance.

I personally don't see the logic in spending $2800 on a machine that is meant for gaming, if it can't even handle most games at the native screen resolution.

My laptop has the DDR5 version of the Radeon 5850M as well, but it's unfortunately underclocked and undervolted quite a bit. It's not a huge issue though as I don't really game on my laptop all that much.

Somebody3072d ago

They should've released the Blade's keyboard/touch screen as a stand alone product instead.