VGRT Gaming Podcast Episode 251: The New Crew Returns

After last week’s special appearance by Derrick and Jennifer Schommer along with Don Dunn, the regular crew of Jonah Falcon, Jordan Lund and Paul S. Nowak return, and they find themselves with some fascinating news items.

The news items include:

* Blizzard brags Diablo III will have difficulties that are harder-than-hard
* Sony passed on Demon’s Souls because it was “crap“
* Sony credit rating downgraded, “strong recovery in earnings unlikely”
* Tim Schafer raises $1.6M (and counting) to develop an adventure game
* Epic’s Sweeney: Lifelike graphics will come in our lifetime

Paul is also running a contest to earn “Pixie Diamonds” currency for Disney’s Pixie Hollow social networking MMO, with the prize going to the person who can answer, “Who is your favorite Disney Prince or Hero, and why?”

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