PlayStation Vita Buyer’s Guide

PSLS: Sony’s next generation handheld, the PlayStation Vita, begins today with the official arrival of the First Edition Bundle. The remaining future Vita owners join them next week on Wednesday, February 22nd. But if you’re one of the people lucky enough to be picking up a Vita, you need to know what to buy. What games should you get? What accessories do you need? Don’t worry: PSLS has you covered with our PlayStation Vita buyer’s guide, your one-stop resource for all of the things you need to consider to begin your next-gen portable gaming experience.

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knifefight2464d ago

Definitely bummed that the PSV version of Blazblue doesn't come with the ability to fight PS3 players :(
Still looking forward to the full launch. It's got something for fans of nearly every genre. Hopefully Tales of Innocence-R and Persona 4 make quick trips to North America to satisfy RPG fans.