The Next Xbox is Code-Named…Durango

Kotaku - Kotaku has heard from multiple sources close to the project that the code-name for Microsoft's next console is Durango.

Yup. Durango.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3070d ago

I very highly doubt it as code names are meant to sound cool not stupid.

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PirateThom3070d ago

Codenames aren't supposed to sound "cool", they're supposed to be an internal name to refer to a project and some companies choose the names for a reason.

Durango is a state in Mexico. Many Microsoft codenames are places.

Bereaver3070d ago

I agree with you Thom but there is no way I would wanting to work on codename sparkleshine. But, that's just me hehehe.

ChiVoLok03070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Yeah and they are also pretty cool SUVs, the newer ones at least.

Soldierone3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

If you knew Sparkleshine was a new high end console that every one in the world wanted, I think you would say the name a bit more proudly lol

In fact if I was the guy that chose the name for something like that, I would make something funny just to lighten the mood with everyone. Project PinkBunnies and Rainbows now in progress! :P

hellvaguy3070d ago

Doubt the name Durango will be used. Dodge Durango is already taken.

scark923070d ago

Their next project hopefully will be called : Bangkok

orange-skittle3070d ago

@Pirate Thom-Where is Xenon located if Microsoft Codenames are places?

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sikbeta3070d ago

Bring on the next gen! woohoo!

NewVegasTroop3070d ago

for the ignorant people that called you a racist, hear this, being mexican is not a race, its a nationality, so everyone STFU...

Koloss3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

It's not like "Xbox 720" sounded any better.

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Moncole3070d ago

Stop with these rumors and wait in till MS says somthing

Abdou233070d ago

Agree. who cares what it's code name is ?!!!

Wenis3070d ago

I doubt Microsoft is going to come out of the closet and spill the beans on their own secret project

SilentNegotiator3070d ago

True, but I think the point is that you can make up any "secret project" from your "insider sources" without any real consequence, so it really doesn't matter until we hear something concrete.

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camel_toad3070d ago

Dont forget that the Nintendo Wii's internal name was Project Terd Basket.

TheGameFoxJTV3070d ago

So man people hate on the Wii when most of it's games are actually really good. Just because every game isn't Gears of Wars or CoD, doesn't mean they aren't good games. Jesus, all these kids play are violent games.

SaffronCurse3070d ago

95% of wii games are shovelware.

TheFirstClassic3070d ago

"Most" of its games aren't good. I've always loved Nintendo, and the wii did have some worthwile games, but the wii is my least favorite nintendo system. They focused too much on the casual market and not enough on the core fans.

IM_KINECTED3070d ago

We all know it'll be the Xbox 720, Microsoft has painted themselves into a corner with the "Xbox" brand. If they changed the name, they would have to change the name of Xbox Live and I don't think that will ever happen.

No matter what the code name is, it's going to end up being the 720.

I'd just like to hear something concrete, but I guess it's kind of fun speculating on features.

Parapraxis3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

It will be an XBOX, but I think you are assuming an awful lot as to the rest of the name.

While the 360 sounds great, the 720 sounds pretty stupid, and if they make another console after that...are they going to call it an XBOX 1440?

Better to get away from the number business sooner than later.

They most likely won't call it XBOX 3 with the PS4 looming as it would imply to the average consumer it was of lower ability/quality/etc. (they'd be wrong, but hey, a lot of consumers aren't too bright, look at sh***y Dr Dre Beats, and Apple products)

I could see it called XBOX Nexus, or something "futuristic" like that.

WitWolfy3070d ago

IMO I think they just called the Xbox the "Xbox (THREE)360" to trick people into thinking its the third console like the Playstation 3(THREE)... For obvious marketing reasons

DEIx15x83070d ago

You will never see an Xbox 720 for the same reason that the Xbox 360 was not called the Xbox 2. An Xbox 720 to the average consumer sounds inferior to even the PS3. When people hear the term 720 they immediately think 720p, not something you want everyone to think your console is when the PS3 kept touting 1080p and the next gen will likely be all 1080p. If Microsoft announces an Xbox 720 it is guaranteed that every PS4 commercial will start with the fact that it is 1080p, just too easy to state the truth and let the consumers decide the Xbox is less, no marketer would pass that up. Just look at what Android is doing right now, they started an accelerated release schedule in order to catch up to iOS so that people would not consider their lower OS version to automatically be inferior. It says nothing about the quality of the product just that consumers are too dumb to research beyond their first thoughts when hearing a product name.

Wintersun6163070d ago

True, even Mozilla is doing the same with it's Firefox and Thunderbird version numbers. Not exactly the same situation but the reasons behind it seem to be something similar.

NoobJobz3070d ago

I don't think they'll change the name from Xbox either but I don't think it would be that difficult to change the name Xbox Live to something different. Alot of people just call it "Live" anyway, so if they did change the name of the console, the online service could just be called Live.

solidt123070d ago

Yeah I think it would be a mistake not to call it that since the name Xbox720 has already been so heavily promoted for free. Anyone saw the add in the Real Steel Movie.

Wh15ky3070d ago

Xbox720 is a stupid name.

The Xbox1080 would be better: 1080p graphics and 1080 degrees = 3 full turns = Xbox3.

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yewles13070d ago

I want the PS4 to be codenamed "Skyline"... XD

Tito083070d ago

Skyline, like the Nissan GTR, not bad :)!!!!

lh_swe3070d ago

I think it might be something more along the lines of Sony Entertainment Experience, with silly slogans like " SEE the future". All to sound 'serious yet playful' and to mask past dissasters.

Wintersun6163070d ago

I thought about Sony Entertainment Environment when I read that slogan. Lol.

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