Double Fine Adventure coming to multiple platforms, DRM version available

MMGN.COM writes: Double Fine Productions have just released the first update surrounding their Kickstarter funded, adventure game via YouTube.

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The Great Melon2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

"Double Fine Adventure coming to multiple platforms, DRM 'FREE' option available"

I like how 'free' was left out of the n4g article title.

Ducky2438d ago

Heh, I was wondering why a DRM version would be advertized like that.

DaveMan2438d ago

Agree, sounds like the article writer is trolling. This game being DRM free to backers is a big thing, and I know of handful of people who would back this game JUST FOR THAT FACT alone.

I suggest a title edit if anything...

But regarding the update; I'm sure excited and really glad this game has expanded into a small thing into something a bit bigger. Hopefully by the end of this we'll see this come to xbla and psn as well.

But yeah, guys who haven't backed yet, please do! Please! Even if you hate point and click games, tim schafer, or double fine in general. Do it for the fact that this could be a revolution in gaming history. Do it for the fact that mid tier C level games could finally be funded instead of developers being slaved around by there publishers.

Do it for creative freedom, and seeing the titles we never deemed possible due to publishers and how risk averse they are. Don't donate 15$ or more if you don't want to. But donate SOMETHING! Hell a dollar or two might be nothing in the big picture, but it shows there's SUPPORT for this system, there's SUPPORT for creative freedom!