Microsoft Showcases Nearly 110 Xbox 360 Games at TGS

Today at the Tokyo Game Show 2006, Microsoft Corp. delivered information on new and improved entertainment experiences for Japanese gamers, including details of the Xbox 360™ library of nearly 110 high-definition games available this holiday season in Japan, which will include the highly anticipated “Blue Dragon” from Microsoft Game Studios. Microsoft also paid tribute to NAMCO BANDAI Games and “Pac-Man,” announcing that the first “Pac-Man” World Championship will be held in early 2007 using Xbox 360 and Xbox Live® Arcade. Microsoft also revealed details of other entertainment offerings enabled through Xbox 360, with availability date and pricing provided for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player in Japan, as well as news of an update that will allow the Xbox 360 console to output full 1080p games and video.

At the best-attended gaming convention in the world, Microsoft showcased games that will boost the Xbox 360 software library in Japan to nearly 110 titles by holiday season 2006 as well as more titles coming well into 2007. The Xbox 360 games showcased include “Blue Dragon” (Microsoft Game Studios), “Lost Planet: Extreme Condition” (Capcom), “Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2” (Tecmo Inc.) and the newly announced “Trusty Bell” (NAMCO BANDAI Games), and a host of anticipated Xbox Live Arcade titles. For 2007, Microsoft also announced a pipeline of great games that include the epic role-playing game (RPG) “Infinite Undiscovery” (Microsoft Game Studios).

“The key to winning the hearts and minds of the Japanese market is great games, and this great lineup demonstrates that Xbox 360 has those games in spades,” said Peter Moore, corporate vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. “Our lineup of role-playing games from the acknowledged masters of the genre is proof positive that there has never been a better time for Japanese gamers to jump in and pick up an Xbox 360 system.”

Many game titles, including the much-anticipated epic RPG “Blue Dragon,” will be playable for the first time in the Microsoft® booth at the Tokyo Game Show. Other playable titles include “Lost Odyssey™” (Microsoft Game Studios) and “Viva Piñata™” (Microsoft Game Studios).

Xbox Live Arcade and the “Pac-Man” World Championship

With the creator of “Pac-Man,” Toru Iwatani, onstage Peter Moore announced that Microsoft and NAMCO BANDAI Games will host the first “Pac-Man” World Championship in early 2007. The top 10 players in the world for “Pac-Man” on Xbox Live Arcade will compete for the title in New York City. More details, including how to qualify for the championship, will be made available in the coming months.

Continuing its tremendous momentum, Xbox Live Arcade has also announced in Tokyo a host of exciting new games, including some that will be exclusive to the Japanese market. Gamers will have the opportunity to try a host of new games on the show floor, including the classic side-scroller “Contra” (Konami Corp.), the space-shooter “Gyruss” (Konami), the enemy-popping classic “Dig Dug” (NAMCO BANDAI Games), arcade favorite “Track & Field” (Konami), “New Rally-X” (NAMCO BANDAI Games) “Rush’n Attack” (Konami), a favorite 1980s side-scroller, and the inimitable “Ms. Pac-Man” (NAMCO BANDAI Games). In addition, the Japan-exclusive Xbox Live Arcade game “Yie Ar Kung Fu” (Konami), one of the very first fighting games, was announced for release in 2007.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player and 1080p Support

Microsoft announced pricing and availability details for the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player in Japan. The accessory will launch on Nov. 17, 2006, priced at ¥19,800 (estimated retail price), and will come with an Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote.

“Xbox 360 and the HD DVD Player together deliver the most powerful and affordable games and movie system for Japanese consumers,” Moore said. “The freedom to choose their entertainment experiences is extremely important for consumers as they enter the next generation.”

In addition, Microsoft announced that its fall software update, scheduled for release later this year, will allow all Xbox 360 consoles around the world to output game and movie content in 1080p resolution.


Demonstrating its pledge to democratize game development for tomorrow’s game developers, Microsoft announced that four Japanese universities will use its XNA™ Game Studio Express software in educational material and research within their course offerings. The XNA software allows hobbyists, students and independent game developers to create games for Windows® and, for the first time, Xbox 360 with the goal that user-generated games made with XNA will arrive on Xbox Live Marketplace. Tokyo University, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Ritsumeikan University and Osaka Electro-Communication University join the dozens of universities worldwide that have pledged support for Microsoft’s XNA vision and are recognizing the potential of XNA Game Studio Express as an educational tool. As a result, these four schools will integrate XNA software into their game development curricula, labs and games-related research.

“As I turn my attention and passion toward teaching the next generation of game developers, I am thrilled with XNA Game Studio Express and related products,” said Toru Iwatani, a lecturer at Tokyo Polytechnic University and original creator of “Pac-Man.” “I believe that these products are attractive and effective because they create a development environment that matches the skill level and area of expertise, widening the entry of future developers into game development.”

XNA Game Studio Express beta was made available to users worldwide on Aug. 30, 2006. The final version of XNA Game Studio Express will be made available this holiday season.

Source: Microsoft

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JasonXE5852d ago

My story was backsided even though i posted this first :-(. Oh well...death to all humans!!

TheMART5852d ago


Japanese people will get the HD-DVD add-on for ¥19,800??? That is about 140 Euro's at max.

If they make it 199 Euro's overhere I freaking hope the thing is region free to import those. For 140 Euro's it would be a freaking bargain.

Imagine that.

Premium 399 at max (what, now even for 339 I just read in the news) maybe with a price cut around 349 soon. So with a HD-DVD add-on and all said to be in 1080p (that's for the Sony HD freaks, for real gamers 720p is still good enough) that would make 540 Euro's at max for the full package. Maybe even then with a cut price for 490 for a premium package deal!

Even better, with the GRAW package that deal is already that, with the price of the game included in the price for a premium package.

Damn MS you deliver again unlike Sony

FeralPhoenix5852d ago

Usually I try not to repeat myself but this post goes along with the other so I will say it again. I've been saying that I expected M$ to have a few surprises for TGS, but I never expected this. Actually they should have held it just a little bit longer and said it right at the begininig of the show, it would of been like a gut punch. This is definitely "Big" news, but I will say what I have said a thousand times 1080p is not a big deal 'cause all my games look great in 720p, and I don't see any difference between 1080i and 1080p movies, also this will effect very few that have 50"+ 1080p HDTV's. Now before you say I'm contradicting myself, I'm not because I said its "Big" news 'cause I know alot of Sonyfanboys have used this 1080p stuff as some kind of litmus test to proove PS3 was so much superior to 360, well now even that irrational theory is gone......come on, Sonyfanboys so whats next? Fact is the 360 is still just a great console and the PS3 will be just as just choose the one who's games you like the MOST or buy all 3 if you have the cash. Like I've always said its all about the games....still its hard not to laugh at Sonyfanboys for dissing 360 and saying it wasn't powerful enough to do 1080p.....they know who they are, and so do we, don't hide, hopefully they can just come and say something positive and move on. I'm still going to get a PS3 eventually, I want to play MGS4, but personally I'll skip the whole PS3 rush, just to make Sony wait, then I'll buy when its a lil cheaper and thats exactly what Sony deserves.

shotty5852d ago

Where are the sony fans "Jin" that say it's all about 1080p.

Bishop5852d ago

that say 1080P doesn't matter. Even MS said it doesn't matter yet lo and behold 360 will have some 1080P games with a machine that was not even made to push 1080P graphics. I sure hope the devs can get their framerates clocked fairly high because 1080P won't matter if the 360 is pushing framerates simlar Full Auto.

shotty5852d ago

Same for ps3, most games run at 720p but smaller games like arcade games and sports games can get up to 1080p. Since it is an ATI gpu it can also do both Anti-alaising and HDR at the sametime. Something most Nvidia cards can't do. I believe the newer ones can though.

THE TRUTH5852d ago

1080p games + movies..... I'm excited but I'm really curious as to how and why they didn't have this right from the start? I'm looking forward to playing my 360 in 1808 but I'm definetly curious as to how...........

All in all great news, but why do we need HD DVD if we get the update to play games and movies at 1080p?

drewdrakes5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

I dont care why they did it, the fact that they didnt flaunt the fact that they had 1080p made sony look incredibly stupid (no offense to sony fans). But sony continuously said that they were "true" HD and the HD generation doesnt start until they say so. I cant wait to see what else is hidden in that little box of potential. They are the complete opposite of sony, dont mention it, then surprise us when we already have it, as opposed to say they have it but not delivering. Im not attackign sony, the PS3 will be great, im just pointing out that they were stupid to underestimate microsoft, maybe they have learned their lesson?

PS, now sony fans will listen to me. There is no REAL difference between 1080i and 1080p!! Now that we have it, they wont start attacking me for that comment. They are teh same resolution, with a different way of transferring the data, 1080i is actually BETTER for some things.