PC Gamer Vitriol Subsiding, EA Promises Origin Will Be Excellent Within Two Years

EA's service is called Origin. It's been notorious. But now EA can tell you that it's popular. And the man who has most championed it, the company's chief operating officer and number two exec, Peter Moore, tells Kotaku that after a rocky launch and major customer skepticism, he's sure EA will get Origin right.

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DA_SHREDDER3061d ago

EA, you should just make your own onlive cloud type of service instead of trying to make this work.

Tenkay233061d ago

Wtf are ppl supposed to do for those two years? Lol. I used origin to download mass effect 1 and that was it. It's ok for now. But still. That quote is funny.

It's like buying a car and the salesman telling you it will suck for two years.

"enjoy your BMW sir. Oh I thought you should know that in two years your car will work great. But for the first two years it will stall and stutter randomly. "

Wardog13683061d ago

I think there's a reason Kingdom of Amular made it to Steam...

NYC_Gamer3061d ago

I'm not going to bother myself with origin

Sobari3061d ago

Then we won't use it for 2 more years.

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