Game Informer's Ten For 2008 - Sony

Game Informer Online gives you their picks for the Top 10 for 2008 for Sony PS3 and PSP. Games are in alphabetical order.

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MK_Red4731d ago

WTF is wrong with Game Informer? First they forget Fallout 3 for PC and now there are 2 6s.
Also, Fallout 3 should be in all lists since it's coming for all 3.

Doppy4731d ago

This list is a little sketchy, but you have to remember these are games that GI spent time with. I'm guessing FF13 and all the others games everyone wants to be on this list haven't been played or interviewed by game informer. Just my opinion.

HarryEtTubMan4731d ago

Those are all BIG hitters.

MK_Red4731d ago

Also, no GTA4 or Prototype?
And no word of Heavy Rain, Wardevil and few others?

Skerj4731d ago

Yeah they screwed up, all of them are worthy but Heavy Rain's absence irritates me. It should definately be put there in lieu of SCIV if you're going the whole "exclusive" route, but if multiplats are allowed then every game you mentioned should be up there. Plus Brutal effin Legend!!

Dr Pepper4731d ago

Well, it is a top 10. You can only include so many games. :)

It is a little surprising that GTA wasn't in there though...

Jinxstar4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

While I agree I have not seen any release dates for Heavy rain or Fallout or Wardevil... Maybe they are afraid they will be pushed back if they are dated and just wanna give sure things like KZ2 and stuff. These look bad ass and all but I'm not clear on dates for a few...

Also maybe they are saying "Main stream sellers" Like NFS is a seller even tough it sucks compared to other games....

Edit: True.... I have no clue... Probably just a poll of what people in the mag are most looking forward too. I think GTA4 may have lost some steam with the delay and a few other things. I can't wait however... Good list but odd.

MK_Red4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Agreed on Brutal Legend. It should have been there.
And it's indeed really strange that GTA4 is not there but no stranger than lack of Fallout 3 in PC's top 10 list.

UPDATE: Jinxstar, Fallout 3 has a release date for fall 2008. Also, if they had gone for system sellers, GTA4 should have been their number one.

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Darkiewonder4731d ago

I'm interested in

The Agency, inFamous, Crisis Core, LittleBigPlanet, Soul Calibur IV, White Knight Chronicles, and Echochrome.

But they failed to Mention Patapon ;(

jcgamer4731d ago

but oh well...I'm sure we'll see more lists like this in the near future...great list though...even a top 20 might not be enough...who's got game in 08? SONY...

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