Should You Buy The Circle Pad Pro For Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations is now available and launching right beside it was the Circle Pad Pro, but do you really need it? At first I didn’t see the big point of having it but the more I used it, the more I realized I couldn’t go without it!

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Titanz3067d ago

I know people frown upon it - but it improves system's grip (so I watched from joystiq's impression of the device), and adds something of value.

There might even be trade-in offer for the future revisions.

phantomexe3067d ago

I just play RE with it and yea it makes a huge difference. Friend of mine droped by to show me the game which i'm very inpressed being it looked so good. It is pure stupid that nintendo didn't add 2 anlogs to start with. This is what i mean when i say nintendo is alwasy a day late and dollar short.

Trekster_Gamer3067d ago

Heck NO!
Nintendo had all the time in the works and they could not come with this as an integrated part of the 3DS...

Nintendo what the HECK are you thinking....

Next they will release a 3DS with 2 analog sticks and expect us to pay full price for it!!!!!!!!!!

Venox20083067d ago

it's a great thing.. I really recommend it to you, RE controls great, I can't play RE again without it, though I was playing demo without it, but it's like a new breath with it.. if you don't want to buy it for RE, buy it for other games that will come.. yeah it looks like a big stone block, but after 10 mins you do realise, that it fits your hands very well and adds two more buttons for games and analog..great thing, really

klecser3067d ago

It really depends on how good you are at shooters and aiming and how quick your button control is. Now, I suck at shooters so the CPP was a huge help for me. The other controls work well too. So, you just have to be self aware. The CPP isn't poor, if that's what people really want to know. There's more to it than the second analogue. It improves grip AND the larger triggers are an improvement too.

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