Playstation Vita Facing Launch Issues, Sony Responds

The PS Vita has officially gone on sale today, but only for those who pre-ordered the First Edition Bundle. While this is still exciting for those who decided to pay more money to grab the handheld one week early, reports are coming in that some Vita owners are experiencing issues already.

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alexg892441d ago

Not a good start for the PSV :(

Akiba962441d ago

I dont understand the disagrees? Having problems at launch isnt a good start at all.. not to say it isnt still awesome, its just having some software problems..

solidt122440d ago

Probably because the system hasn't even officially launched yet. Probably because something so minor doesn't mean its not a good start. The Vita has had the best start I have ever seen of any console or handheld so something so minor that will be fixed immediately is not a big deal.

Boody-Bandit2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Oh I dont know Akiba
Maybe, just maybe, it has to do with alex89 having 31 comments on an account nearly 2 1/2 years old. All of them pro MS and slagging off Sony. Maybe, I don't know, but just maybe, that plays a small part in it.

Or maybe it's that Vita hasn't even officially launched yet and lame articles (doom and gloom) are already starting.

Either or, alex89 is a multi troll account and no one can gauge the success, fail or possible problems of a new console that has yet to be officially released.

Bring on the ignorance.

Akiba962440d ago

I judge people's comments based on the comment, not previous comments like so many of you do...
The Vita IS out for the first to play owners, not to mention the fact that the thing has been out for about 2 months in Japan...... yea

You people misunderstood me, I dont hate the vita, in fact I have one preordered,I cant wait for it.... I'm just saying this guy doesnt deserve so many disagrees for saying the Vita isn't having a good start..

sikbeta2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

PSV has it fate sealed, there is no place for a dedicated gaming device anymore, tablets and smartphones will take over no matter what

The Future of portable gaming are = Android - IOS - Windows phones, everything else will fade away

Tanir2440d ago

Sikbeta, if tablets and crap gaming took over ur right, gaming would be dead, but ur wrong because people will always crave real games, because we are gamers. we like our games with depth, not just some stupid angry birds crap

solidt122440d ago

I have a Vita and a iPhone. I can spend hours playing a Vita game but I can only spend 5-30 minutes playing iPhone games but you thing dedicated handhelds are dead. My kids have a 3DS and I let them play my iPhone games Angry Birds,Infinity Blade, Jelly Car 2, Shadow Gun, Sonic, Rage HD, Zombieville, etc. and yeah we love these games but we can only play them for 5-30 minute then we get tired of them and want something deeper with real controls so we pick up our 3DS and Vita and can play for hours. That is the difference between mobile gaming and dedicated gaming. There is a reason dedicated games on handhelds are much large in size/gigabits much more depth and content. I love mobile gaming but It will never be able to replace a dedicated handheld.

despair2440d ago

I agree sikbeta, so why don't you get ahead of the curve and move to those platforms and leave the dedicated gaming devices to the rest of us. In fact go now and never bother with a soon to be obsolete again.

sikbeta2440d ago


Games can evolve in those pos devices as well, smartphones and tablet will be more powerful over the years and will be able to reproduce what handheld do now


Same as above and what you saying can be achieved as well, it just need a company who makes a smartphone/tablet with buttons and you'll able to play for hours like you do now on your handhelds


N4G obsolete? no, N4G would adapt and cover smartphone/tablet gaming as some point as well as every gaming site

SilentNegotiator2440d ago

"there is no place for a dedicated gaming device anymore"

Tell that to 3DS. It apparently didn't get the memo.

tubers2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

People just don't get it.

The iOS, Android, Win Tablets/PMPs "COULD" take over the market 2-3 years from now.

If the VITA and 3DS dies off, then tons of developers would just use another portable/semi-portable medium (Tablets and PMPs).

Android has started to integrate PS3/360/Logitech controllers. Sure they're not that portable but the VITA is borderline small tablet (not so portable). So saying the VITA is more portable isn't saying much.

The Angry Bird touts are stupid. I am sure that a year or two from now there will be more games having more depths for tablets and pmps.

Hell just google tegra games and iphone rpgs. You'll all see that it's headed to at least full blown DS/PSP/PSone games (if not already).

f7897902440d ago


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LastDance2440d ago

I just got a report today from our head office saying that our chain (gametraders australia) wont be receiving ps vita for about 6 months because they have granted exclusive rights to a select few chain stores.....

I have no idea what these guys are thinking.

solidt122440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Dude, this issue wasn't even worth printing. I played my vita for 6-7 hours last night. I played Uncharted, Little Deviants, Rayman Origins Demo, and Escape Plan and had no issues. I downloaded all except Little Deviants from the Vita. Every system that ever launched had something that wasn't quit perfect at launch that only affected a few people. As a matter of fact the Vita hasn't even officially launched yet. The issue is probably already fixed by the time this article was posted or will be by launch day.

Agheil2440d ago

Since when did any launch of a console not have launch issues? Remember that Sony is made of Humans and we make mistakes and cant really cover everything. This is why we have updates, these issues will all be resolved.

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tarbis2441d ago

Super Stardust installed properly on me. Don't know about the other titles yet.

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SoundGamer2441d ago

I haven't had any issues since I got my Vita. I hope it stays that way.

TKCMuzzer2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I thought it was going to be something serious. This sounds like an issue with the download, something that can be easily fixed. I thought it was going to be buttons dropping off or something. Everything on the web gets blown out of proportion.

Wow that disagree took less than a minute, shame you couldn't tell me why.
Do you really think a game not installing properly is serious? Especially when you can download it again once Sony sorts any issues.

extermin8or2440d ago

and firmware 4.11 should have fixed it now I believe :)