Is video game retail dying? Three theories behind January's sales downer

Last month, January 2012, was the 28th month of decline since the U.S. retail video game industry peaked 35 months ago, in March 2009. That's the context I want to set for a conversation about last month's retail sales estimates, as released by the NPD Group last Thursday.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2439d ago

3 theories and not one of them mentions the fact that throughout the world there has been a recession and most people don't have the money to splash on games right now.

ReservoirDog3162439d ago

Plus, you know, a lot of people are only like 7% into Skyrim.

Solid_Snake372439d ago

It's no coincidence that that peak has to do with MW2, mw2 was released it 2009 if I'm not mistaken.

Christopher2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

It's not my fault I'm still at 7%! They keep respawning all the wildlife and I need the pelts to work on creating items in order to create ridiculous alchemy and smithing boosting items.

SilentNegotiator2439d ago

Who needs theories?

Jan 2011
*Dead Space 2 (Highly rated, on many platforms)
*DC Universe (at least sold notably out of gate)
*LBP2 (awesome game)
*Mass Effect 2 ps3 (an already established well-rated series)

Jan 2012
*Silent Hill Collection
*Soul Caliber V (rating lower than prequel, no star wars characters)
*FF13-2 (sequel to controversial entry)
*NeverDead (released the very last day of January, poorly rated)

SOURCE: VGReleases (So I'm sorry if any of these are wrong, or if I forgot something big)

Titanz2439d ago

Its definitely causing this downward effect towards the gaming industry. Publishers want the Wii U as an extra platform to release their content on (while exemplifying 3rd exclusives, of course).

The industry "needs" new a, innovate console to keep its economy balanced.

Dlacy13g2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I definitely agree that the Wii certainly is part of the problem here. Not only is the hardware in decline but honestly in the past 2 months since mid Dec. there have been maybe 5 retail titles to come out here in N. America. The Wii software line up so far for 2012 is absolutely horrid and not looking too great moving forward either. How can they possibly sell games when literally there is nothing to sell? Nintendo may have won the hardware war via sheer numbers but its pretty shameful how they have handled the software side of things early in 2012.

MultiConsoleGamer2439d ago

Consumers are waiting for new hardware. Stretching the hardware gen beyond the traditional 5 years have bit the industry in the ass.

vortis2439d ago

Unfortunately EA and Activi$ion will still cash in on today's gaming machines with annual outings of Madden and Call of Duty, prancing around with $1 billion and complaining about used game sales and how online play needs an additional $20 surcharge.

I agree with you that the industry as a whole is suffering because of a lot of people's greed. Thankfully Nintendo is actually in the running to do something different so we'll see how the Wii U turns out.

I almost feel bad for Sony because it doesn't sound like they're in a financial stable position to leverage the PS4 as a monster console the way they did with the PS3.

Knight_Cid2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

here we go.........more crackpot theories from dummies

How about the fact there were less releases than ever.............. in january

How about the fact that we are at the end of system cycles?

its all comign together

Soldierone2439d ago

Couldn't help but think that too...what released in January? NeverDead a game almost no gamer gave a chance to because "reviewers" said it sucked and it wasn't realistic.

It's not like we saw a Battlefield, Dead Space, Uncharted, or Assassins Creed release to terrible sales numbers....ITS FRIGGIN JANUARY, there is your theory.

Heck what released in December? Nothing, so all those AAA games were purchased by Christmas.

Knight_Cid2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

"The PlayStation Vita, for example, is a $250 handheld launching into a market where a $170 Nintendo handheld with glasses-free 3D effects and two major Mario games can't break 200,000 systems in a month."

Lets be clear. The 3ds has been outpacing every other nintendo system in history in the US ( it outpaced the ds in like 8 months) . So it isnt bad it cant break 200k, thats just some arbitrary made up number

The 3ds was number 1 worldwide in 2011 in 9 months. Selling over 16 million units so far, in less than 1 fiscal year

Over exaggerating

Once the 3ds gets a remodel, it will take off like the ds lite, and then we will see.

Soldierone2439d ago

One day we will be at the point that 10 million is the number. "Oh well the game/hardware didn't sell 10 million units within 5 hours so its failing!"

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